An eclectic evening of Arts & Culture in downtown San Jose's SoFA district (and beyond) every First Friday of the month
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  • Street Mrkt

    August 7, 2015 from 7-11pm
    Free and Open to the Public
    South 1st St. in SoFA District, San Jose


    7:30-8:15 PM Cado
    8:45-9:30 PM The Wild Reeds
    10:00-11:00 PM N.U.G.

    with STREET MRKT’s Emcee “Mighty” Mike McGee

    • N.U.G.


      Doug Ellington and A New Urban Groove six-piece band release proudly this new collection of what some of his long-time followers may call “jazz.” But it’s necessarily and probably best if you don’t let him or his band hear you call tracks on this recording just jazz. The same is perhaps best of reference to any other genre for that matter. For him, his music right now and today is more of a dialect. And it is one that can and should be commonly shared.

      Growing up as an Ellington of the great Duke Ellington fame, Doug – the artist-in-chief – has an almost innate fear that he or his band will become pigeonholed into some particular sort of genre. He should be well reassured though, because after hearing the tracks on this recording, it would be surprising if all or any would find themselves in disagreement.

      What inspires those thoughts, ideas – the inspiration and soul – that somehow comes from within and manages to make its way onto sheet music for the rest of the world to experience and enjoy? Well to Doug, the principle answer is, “the fact that in this life, all we have is each other,” logically concluding that, “music is as common and as accessible a means of communication as it gets.”

      Of course it’s much more complicated than that for serious musicians like Doug. “When music either comes to you as the composer – or you choose it as the listener – it is a language all its own, and the most free and common language there is at its base.” Yet transforming this vision into notes on a page and ultimately into musical skyward is no easy task, Doug concludes, remarking that, “people naturally gravitate toward that particular dialect which is most comfortable to them.” And yet this recording is so diverse, Doug almost had no other choice but to call it “The Din in the Distance.”

      So why refer to it as a “din”? After all, it is a word that doesn’t always personify beauty. Well Doug says that the “Din” found here is expressed as a series of moods which invite listeners to accompany him and his band on a musical journey along with them, thereby becoming almost compelled to experience the emotions and spirit of this testament of musically and allegorically distinct individual statements.

      And of his supreme collection of first-rate talented band-members he has partnered with over the past eight years, Doug says they are all classically trained musicians. This is the real world though, where the words “classically trained” don’t have to refer to a school like Julliard, for example. A “classical music background” for Doug means rather that they each have within their souls that complete bond with their instruments – a bond which lets free an eloquent revealing of the true mood of the music.

    • The Wild Reeds


      The Wild Reeds have transformed from a three part harmony driven band to a full indie folk rock force that has been sweeping the West Coast. In the past year The Wild Reeds have toured along side artist such as Noah Gundersen and Israel Nash while also making an appearance at festivals such as Newport Folk Festival’s sister of the West, Way Over Yonder, Make Music Pasadena, Echo Park Rising, Claremont Folk Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and successfully captured large audiences every Monday night in December with their Holiday Residency at The Satellite.

      In August 2014 the band released their formal debut album, Blind and Brave, which was produced by Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare (Parson Redheads, Honey Honey, Local Natives, Dustbowl Revival). Blind and Brave illustrates the story of the working class, and encourages listeners to genuinely care about the place they inhabit, keep it beautiful, connect with people, and be brave. In everything you do, do it out of love. The album was released with a very special show at the historic Troubadour.

      Currently the members of The Wild Reeds hold up the fort all over California, from Koreatown to Highland Park to Hollywood – coming together to rehearse right in the heart of Hollywood. Together they are strong advocates for California, specifically Los Angeles.

    • Cado


      Cado brings Brazil with him wherever he plays. His passion for music crosses many genres and styles. Whether or not you understand the language of his songs, it is clear that he is a poet telling beautifully sculpted stories. Cado’s voice is a juxtaposition of melodious balance and a rawness that convinces the listener he sings with conviction. His music might be hard to categorize solely because of his wide range of influences. Cado sings in three languages– Portuguese, Spanish, and English. From rock, samba jazz, pop, soul, alternative to Bossa Nova, his music transcends barriers.


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    MoGo BBQ
    Rice Rocket
    Street Fusion
    Takoz Mod Mex

    STREET MRKT is free and open to the public.
    (Street Mrkt is a seasonal event taking place on the First Fridays of August, and September since the Summer of 2006)

    In addition to wonderful restaurants and cafés in the district, an assortment of food trucks will be on site including: MoGo BBQ, Rice Rocket, Soulenese, Street Fusion , Takoz Mod Mex

    STREET MRKT is produced by Two Fish Design.

    THANK YOU! to our STREET MRKT partners and sponsors:
    San Jose Downtown Association, TechShop SJ and Metro Newspapers.
    Supported in part by a Cultural Affairs Grant from the City of San Jose

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    CityESDlogo_2c_90hStreet Mrkt is a Bright Green San José event! The food scraps, compostable plates, cups and utensils are made into a rich natural fertilizer to reduce the amount of space taken up at landfills and to keep our soil healthy. Please check the sticker on the waste bins to make sure you’re putting items in the right bin. Thank you for contributing to a Bright Green San José.