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JUNE 7, 2024—South FIRST FRIDAYS #ArtwalkSJ + SubZERO Festival

Join us JUNE 7th for the First Friday ArtWalk plus SubZERO Festival (which continues on Saturday, June 8th) for an amazing weekend of exhibitions in the galleries, amazing artists, performers, and incredible indie bands on multiple stages all out on S. 1st St. to celebrate the indie creative spirit that thrives here!

All ArtWalk venues are open 5–9pm, are free admission, and family-friendly. 

SubZERO Festival happens Friday & Saturday 5–11pm outdoors in SoFA District. Free admission (spend it with the Artists!) and all ages welcome.

SoFA District

ANNO DOMINI // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 S. First St. map

The Welcome Home

Anno Domini is proud to present:

Welcome Home Mike Egan solo exhibition

For many years my artwork has been tied to themes of death and dying. I’ve kind of become known as “the skull guy.”

Although this new show with Anno Domini still has all of the skeleton characters that we all know and love, I feel like I wanted to do something a bit different in this work.

This show “Welcome Home” explores themes of what home actually means to me. I always enjoy being home, I work at home, my loved ones are here.

Home is a place of love, security and protection and I wanted to make art that represents that. Home, in a way, can also represent what’s inside of us as well. I feel like I always need to protect my heart and that my head always needs a good cleaning.

No matter what “Home” means to you, I’d like to invite you into mine and sit for awhile. Let’s play music and talk about art.  ~Mike Egan, 2024 A.D.

About the Artist:
Mike Egan grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  As a kid, he started drawing cartoons, skateboard graphics, and had a new found interest in skeletons and devils. Through high school he continued to draw and decided to study art after graduation.  Egan received a bachelor of fine arts from Edinboro University where he focused on printmaking. After college, he didn’t have access to printmaking tools, so he taught himself to paint.  After a few years, Egan attended the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and became an embalmer/funeral director. Continuing to paint, he developed a style that incorporated his surroundings as well as his influences: folk art, the day of the dead, horror films, religion, Halloween and German Expressionism.  

Since 2006, Egan has continued to show his work in galleries throughout America and the UK. “Welcome Home” is Mike Egan’s fifth solo exhibition with Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design in San Jose, California.

KALEID Gallery – 320 S. First St. map

Artist’s reception: Playing Dice with the Universe 
Doug Edwards solo exhibition

The physicist Niels Bohr embraced the theory that the action of atoms was not determined by a set of defined rules, but rather was influenced by the simple act of being observed. Albert Einstein disagreed that the universe could be so random. He famously replied, “God does not play dice.” 

As evidenced by the work on display here, I’m more with Bohr. Each time I start a new work, I bring to it an open mind and no preconceived notion of where the finished piece will end up. I make stray marks and then react to them, striving to find balance while allowing my subconscious mind to dredge up imagery from my past or incorporating that which I see before me. 

There is no plan. 

There is no set of rules.

There is, however, meaning. 

That meaning evolves with the work and is often intensely personal. Sometimes a theme develops as the imagery progresses, whether it’s a reference to literature (“Fear and Trembling,” Genesis, “Moby Dick,”) or an observation about politics and society (surveillance capitalism, decaying democracy), but often the combination of elements has context only within my lived experience. 

My hope is that you, the viewer, will connect to the work at an emotional level, if not at a rational one. Don’t worry about what it signifies or what statement it makes. Just observe and, by doing so, alter the state of your own consciousness, if not the universe. ~Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards Biography
Doug Edwards came to art after a career in communications that included positions at the San Jose Mercury News, as Novosibirsk correspondent for the public radio program Marketplace, and as Google’s first director of brand management. He is the author of a book about that experience (“I’m Feeling Lucky”) and a graduate of the MFA program in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University. His work has been featured in Reed Magazine, at 625 Sutter Gallery and MothBelly Gallery in San Francisco and at KALEID Gallery in San Jose. 

MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 S. First St. map

Image Credit: The American Dream, Miguel Ozuna, photography

Opening reception: From Where I Stand

From Where I Stand features photographers Stephanie Barajas, William Camargo, Alex Knowbody, Adriana Martin, Xelestiál Moreno-Luz, and Miguel Ozuna. The exhibition shares each artist’s perspective considering issues that will be for debate in the upcoming election season. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to take their own photos in the gallery and have them displayed within the exhibition, encouraging dialogue and reflection. Join us to witness the intersections of art and politics, and see how images can influence and reflect the public conscience during this pivotal time.

Plus free performance at our Castellano Playhouse: Celebrate Pride with MACLA this South First Friday! The night will be hosted by Queer Cumbia and will feature queer Djs and performers.

PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

Phantom Galleries at The Pierce is proud to present:

The Cloud Weaver Jemal Diamond solo exhibition

The Cloud Weaver is a new collection of paintings by artist Jemal Diamond. The experimental collection combines the abstract nature of visual language with his intuitive abstract portraits, creating imaginative symbolic tableaus.

As always with Jemal’s work, there are contrasting and complementary shapes. Both mechanical and organic, masculine and feminine, abstract and representational, there lies embedded intentional dichotomies to create a playground of visual cues and possible meaning. All titles for works in this collection are given by viewers like you, including The Cloud Weaver title by Erin B.

About the Artist:
Jemal Diamond is a south Bay Area-based artist and designer. His work is playful, improvisational, and most importantly – interactive. Here in San Jose, California, he works from his studio at Visual Philosophy, is a member artist of Works San José, and resident artist at KALEID Gallery. 

Sacred Heart Community Service – 550 S. First St. map

Sacred Heart Community Service celebrates Pride Month and Juneteenth with live drag performances by Jackie Layshun and Manang and artwork for sale by BIPOC vendors and artists. 

Join us for interactive and exciting performances by local drag legends Jackie Layshun and Manang! Jackie Layshun and Manang are two of San José’s premiere drag queens widely known for their daring drag that weaves a clever blend of humor and activism. Jackie and Manang regularly co-host Silicon Valley Pride’s monthly Drag Brunch and will co-host Silicon Valley Pride this August! 

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art– 560 S. First St. map

P L A C E : Reckonings by Asian American Artists 

Participating Artists:  Phung Huynh, Adrienne Pao, Robin Lasser, Ranu Mukherjee, Wanxin Zhang, Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. (Eliza O. Barrios, Reanne Estrada, and Jenifer K. Wofford), Namita Paul, Related Tactics, Bruce Yonemoto, Stephanie Syjuco, Valerie Soe, Christy Chan, and Christine Wong Yap.

The ICA San José and Montalvo Arts Center jointly present an exhibition entitled P L A C E: Reckonings by Asian American Artists. Selected for their powerful voices, all of the participating artists have been artists-in-residence of the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center. Villa Montalvo was the former home of California Senator James Duval Phelan who is remembered for his nativist and racist politics, especially his virulent opposition to Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and his active endorsement of multiple Asian exclusion acts. This exhibition intends to honor and uplift the diverse voices of contemporary artists of East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander ancestries who have had to contend with this racist history. Each artist in the show considers their complex relationship and their own agency in association with the spaces that they have inhabited, embedded with histories of exclusion or violence, and how this in turn affects, challenges, transforms, or inspires their artistic practice.

San Jose Jazz – 310 South First St. map

U19s and Pachex @ SJZ Break Room

Drop into the most refreshing venue on the block, the SJZ Break Room, for a night of free music! At 7pm, see the SJZ U19s as they perform arrangements of classic jazz and R&B standards, ranging from Joe Henderson and Roy Hargrove to Nate Smith and Stevie Wonder tunes. Then, at 8pm, we will feature local San Jose artist Pachex, who brings a fresh perspective to Alternative R&B. Pachex seeks innovation while crafting an electric sound, drawing additional influences from electronic and reggae music. His debut EP, Nocturnal, was written and produced at night in his own kitchen, in the span of six months.

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

Printed & Stitched

Printed & Stitched, an exhibition examining the overlap between the hand pulled print and the art quilt, highlights recent works from members of the California Society of Printmakers and Studio Art Quilt Associates.

The original artworks in Printed & Stitched are all by members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (California/Nevada Regions) and the California Society of Printmakers. Award-winning artist Christine S. Aaron juried this exhibition. Aaron is a conceptual and material-focused artist who utilizes printmaking, wax, wood, metal, and paper to create work investigating memory and the fragility of human connection.

Participating Artists: Christine S. Aaron, Nancy Bardach, Mel Beach, Holly Brackmann, Noah Breuer, Pati Bristow and Kent Manske, Donna W. Brown, Judith Content, Linda S. Craighead, Cathie A. Crawford, Elizabeth Dallas, Kathryn Davy, Kate Deak, Adriane Dedic, Robin Dintiman, Giny Dixon, Karen Gallagher Iverson, Ewa Gavrielov, Mimi Ghauri-Young, Susan Gibson Kelly, Alisa Golden, Lynn Hall, Kevin Harris, Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro, Ann Johnston, Barbara Kibbe, Evelyn Klein, Franki Kohler, Danguole Rita Koulas, Carol Larson, Dixie Laws, Susan Leone Howe, Linda Lieberman, Zwia Lipkin, Viviana Lombrozo, Luz Marina Ruiz, Kristina Nobleman, Janis O’Driscoll, Kathleen Oliver, Denise Oyama Miller, AV Pike, Barbara Poole, Deborah Rantz, Priscilla Read, Ashley Rodriguez Reed, Connie Rohman, Robynn Smith, Ileana Soto, Bethia G. Stone, Karen Sunday Spencer, Jami Taback, Jerry Theobald, Edda Valborg Sigurdardottir, Rosanna Lynne Welter, Lori Wisheropp, Carla Wolf, Nanette Wylde, and Linda Yoshizawa

Historic District

Chopsticks Alley Gallery – 38 S. 2nd St. map

Flora & Fauna by Phuc Van Dang

Flora & Fauna features two site-specific installations created during Phuc Van Dang’s residency at Chopsticks Alley Art.

Dang’s depiction of the “long-lost monster” as a manifestation of our suppressed inner nature is a powerful metaphor for the inherent connection between humanity and the natural world. Through his playful imagery, Dang encourages viewers to embrace their inner monsters to reconnect with the innocence and wonder of childhood. He empowers the viewer to rediscover a sense of awe and reverence for the natural world and embark on a transformative journey of alignment and coexistence with the environment.

Come join us in drawing your inner monster and share your artwork on our gallery wall.

Works San Jose – 38 S. 2nd St. map

Pictured artwork: Craig Sanborn, Pneuma

Disruption Invites Reconciliation: SJSU Masters of Fine Art 2024

This exhibition showcases work by nine artists, all 2024 MFA graduates of San José State University, presenting a reciprocity of vision and energy catalyzed by the artists’ engagement in the program. 

As the artists have worked to describe their own work, they acknowledge a distinctive push-and-pull informing their process—abstraction/figuration, process/product, personal/political, mystery/knowing, chance/control, constraints/expanse. At the same time, they have identified an intention to reconcile these polarities through the forces of harmony and unity. 

The exhibition includes work from Brian Anderson, Samuel Crookston Herschlag, Roston Johnson, Liwen (Julia) Peng, Mark Porter Fisher, Craig Sanborn, Larisa Usich, Cynthia Yadira Gonzalez, and Laamsha Young.

Martha Gardens District

Art Ark Gallery – 1035 S. Sixth St. map

Fused… A Celebration of Encaustic Art

Participating Artists: Karen Buttwinick, Jenn Doyle Crane, Katie C. Gutierrez, Rinat Goren, Mira M. White, Lonnie Zarem 

Curated by Rinat Goren, this exhibition features work by encaustic artists.

MACHU PICCHU Gallery of the Americas, Est 1974 – 199 Martha St. map

HUICHOL Beaded Masks, Beaded Ceramic boxes. Beaded Wood Paintings, Beaded Gourd Bowls

Featuring: Leocadio Vázquez De La Cruz from Zacatecas, México

The artist’s intricate designs are made by tiny beads on gourds, ceramic boxes,  animal shaped wood or masks that have been previously covered with bee’s wax. 

The precision of the hundreds multicolored beads are a work of art. It is said in each Huichol lives an artist and through the art their spirituality is shown.

The symbols most commonly expressed in the art are deer, rain, eagles, corn, snakes, and scorpions. The correct name of the HUICHOL people is WIXARIKA which means “person with a deep heart who loves knowledge”.

SubZERO is a DIY, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.

Join us for an epic gathering of the underground arts scene as we transform SoFA District into an outdoor urban gallery featuring captivating exhibitions, thought-provoking installations, and awesome live performances. A rebellious fusion of art, music, and counter-culture, this is a unique opportunity to connect with and support the indie creative spirit that thrives here.

First Friday June 7th & Saturday June 8th 5pm–11pm.

SoFA District (S. 1st St. between San Carlos & Reed streets)
In conjunction with the South FIRST FRIDAYS ArtWalk SJ.

All First Fridays ArtWalk galleries & SubZERO Festival are free admission (spend it with the Artists!) & family friendly.

Participating Artists:

ACE Charter
Sean Alcala
Always Hungry
Anthony Alva
B.A.D. Musical Theatre
BAGI / Bay Area Glass Institute
BX Edits
Delilah Bender
Julianne Bonnet
The Blunt Letters
Emmanuel Cervantes Mejia
Breanna Contreras
Crossroads Trading
Current Tattooing
Jennifer DeChenne
Joseph Demaree
Designs by Maureen
Mario Dimas
Lorenz Dumuk
Eraeon Designs
Emo Kids of Color
Faded Visuals
Fail Pail Press
Flow State Sound Healing & Arts
Game Dev Club SJSU
Cynthia Gonzalez
Haptic Synapses
Heiko Greb
Hand in Hand Henna
Higher Fire Clayspace 
House of Inanna
Inside Out Clothing
Kristian Kabuay
Lincoln HS Art Club
Sarah Loyola
Mad Apple Ink 
Rayos Magos
Joe Mandrick
Manik Nic Dalton
Martha Garden Arts
David Mejia 
Mosaic America
Laurus Myth
Judit Navratil
OaxaCali Studios
Osteoeh Art
Betty Proper
Purl Bailey aka Marilyn Roaf
Puyakan Drum Group
Francisco Ramirez
Steven Regalado
Retro Fix 
Mason Roberts
Mike Rogan
Steven Rubalcaba
Sacred Heart CS
Ricardo Sandoval
Akshay Savale 
Rene Schilling-Sears
Sea Senorita
Skate ramp by Skate Lessons
Space Palette by Tim Thompson
Suha Suha
Death P. Sun
Sundry 3D Treasures
Talk of the Town Urban Arts
Heylu Wheat
Young Diamonds Drum Troop

plus amazing live music by indie bands:


with Emcee “Mighty” Mike McGee
(South 1st St. btwn San Carlos & San Salvador St.)

5:00–6:00pm BIG LEE & Guiña from On the Corner Music
spinning 60s sound, upbeat classics, rok n rol, psych, punk, international ritmos & more strictly and only VINYL
6:15–7:00pm TBA
7:30–8:15pm The Love Dimension
The Love Dimension steeped itself in the music of the psychedelic era of the ’60s then infused it with the sound of ‘90s grunge and other more contemporary influences to create mind-expanding music. 
8:45–9:30pm Life Size Models
Life Size Models are a 5-piece indie rock band comprised of identical twin brothers, Chris and Stephen Seymour.
10:00–10:45pm Forrest Day
Based out of Oakland, Forrest Day is a 5 piece band that’s been performing concerts around the country for almost a decade. It’s a true rags to riches story, but without any money. New album in the works, shows being booked, this wonka boat is showing no signs of slowing…

–>  MAGWest Stage 
San Salvador St. (between S. 1st St. & Market St.)

5:45–6:30pm DaRapNerd
7:00–7:45pm Super Soul Bros
8:15–9:00pm Alice Knows Karate
9:30–10:15pm Petriform

–>  Beer Garden Stage
5:00 – 11:00pm Great music provided by Flipside Crew
featuring Dougie, Jswizza & Notorious P.I.G. 
7:00–7:45pm Derrick Sanderlin / singer/songwriter
8:15–9:00pm Ben Henderson / singer/songwriter

Beer Garden sponsored by & featuring local & regional breweries: Clandestine Brewing Co., Fox Tale Fermentation, Strike Brewing Co. & 21st Amendment Brewing
All ages welcome, must be 21+ w/ valid ID to drink beer.


(South 1st St. btwn San Carlos & San Salvador St.)
with Emcee “Mighty” Mike McGee

5:00 – 6:00pm BIG LEE & Guiña from On the Corner Music
spinning 60s sound, upbeat classics, rok n rol, psych, punk, international ritmos & more strictly and only VINYL
6:15 – 7:00pm Swords of Fatima 
Many worlds converge into their sound morphing your ideas of Rock or Punk
7:30 – 8:15pm Ferocious Few
Americana, Punk, Rock n Roll Troubadour
8:45 – 9:30pm Spiral Electric 
The Spiral Electric are a heavy psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, bringing a mixture of roaring guitars and orbiting synthesizer not heard this side of the galaxy since HAL 9000 dropped acid with Brian Jones and Tony Iommi in the windmills of your mind.
10:00 – 10:45pm Down Dirty Shake 
Down Dirty Shake is a time traveling band from the lost universe of SOUL.

–>  BEER GARDEN Stage 
5:00 – 11:00pm Great music provided by Flipside Crew
featuring Dougie, Jswizza & Notorious P.I.G. 

Beer Garden sponsored by & featuring local & regional breweries: Clandestine Brewing Co., Fox Tale Fermentation, Strike Brewing Co. & 21st Amendment Brewing

All ages welcome, must be 21+ w/ valid ID to drink beer.

South FIRST FRIDAYS ArtWalk SJ is produced by CURATUS in partnership with the participating galleries, museums and independent creative businesses.

Join us on Facebook ArtWalkSJ

366 S 1st Street
San Jose, CA  95113