September 3, 2010 — South FIRST FRIDAYS + STREET MRKT

JOIN US for the next South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk on SEPT 3rd with STREET MRKT!
It all kicks off at 7pm! — ART WALK venues are free and open to the public
SoFA District (So. First Street between San Carlos and E. Reed streets)

  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: Estates of the Splendrous and Secret Alex McLeod (Canada) solo exhibition

    Alex McLeod constructs three-dimensional environments that investigate the tension between illusionary and physical space. His CGI prints of diorama-like environments are hallucinogenic visions projected into utopian realms, thus addressing and exploring issues of ecology, sustainability, and connectivity. Weaving together scientific theory with fantasy, folklore, and notions of the Romantic, McLeod generates images that are at once as seductive and lustrous as they are urgent and vital.

    Also on view in galleryONE: Pangea Fernando Chamarelli (Brazil) solo exhibition

    Sound Art by Matt Davignon.

  • Art Glass Center of San Jose – 465 South First St. map

    Join us at the San Jose Art Glass Center for live demos throughout the evening in our workshop and visit the gallery featuring beautiful works by regional glass artists.

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St. map

    The Leaky Roof by Presley Martin.

    Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery presents “Water Works,” featuring new creations by clay artists Presley Martin and Phyllis Lee. Martin’s use of porcelain slip leaves a lasting mark — his work captures impressions left by liquid clay as it is poured over paper or fabric. Phyllis Lee creates intricately textured and painted pieces that reflect coastal imagery – inlaid vases, sandcastle sculpture and “beach” balls.

    Step beyond the gallery and tour Higher Fire’s newly renovated studio; browse a mini-show of functional and decorative pottery by studio staff; watch demonstrations of wheel-throwing and hand-building throughout the evening.

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    7-9pm Opening Reception: Featured exhibitions by René Lorraine, Ras Lowe

    watercolour by René Lorraine

    Coexist & Bisect Two new manifestations by René Lorraine
    René Lorraine’s latest work is a fascinating take on man coexisting with unfamiliar species, ideals, and life styles that one may find on this earth.

    Coexist deals with embracing differences between souls and the shells they reside in, and is an unbeatable experience involving a harmonious dance between crisp clean line, and free-flowing watercolor pigments.

    Bisect is about the challenges one person may have desiring two very different life styles. The delicate graphite mimic’s the fine line of having balance and not.

    collage by Ras Lowe

    Shadows of Light, from the Hidden Sun: a vision of the Authentic self. An exhibition of new collages by Ras Lowe

    This Art message is about deep personal inner visions, a progressive transmission of sacred information for the 21st century, from the ancient temples of Egypt, to the jungles of Holy Peru. Remembering every moment in Life is a gift, and is precious, not to be wasted.

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    Tanya Aguiniga, Felt Chairs, 2010

    Join MACLA for a preview of Lineas: New Modes of Contemporary Urbanism featuring recent work by Tanya Aguíñiga and Teddy Cruz.

  • Phantom Galleriestemporary exhibits in vacant storefronts

    386 South First St: Freedom. Experience Reality. by abstract artist Nathan Belomy

    Skull by Paolo Fachinetti

    388 So. First Street: The Skull Series (part of the Timbri Collection) by Paolo Fachinetti (Italy).

  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

    Holding it In by Noel Paloma-Lovinski.

    On view: The premier International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB): this juried exhibition showcases the work of artists combining fiber media with new technologies in their artistic processes, in the content of their work and as a means of artistic expression. ITAB 2010 includes 40 works by 28 artists from six countries and includes digital Jacquard tapestries and garments, videos, interactive works, and even a piece with hand-woven fiber optic cable that with patterning driven by real time Twitter feeds and airline flight data from the Internet.

  • SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery – 577 South Market St. map

    It was hell on earth, some of us made it, some of us didn’t and for some of us that kindly old aunt who used to give us donuts on Sunday is now a burned-up, formerly reanimated corpse sitting in the corner with a double-tap going through its skull.

    So, for those of us who remain, the SLG Art Boutiki presents THE ART OF THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Disgusting visages of the walking dead will adorn the Boutiki walls featuring work by Jef Bambas, James Brunner, Bea Adams, Jon “Bean” Hastings and many more.

    Who says comic books are not high art?

    Also, if you missed Zombie-O-Rama on August 25th you can still donate a canned food item to Second Harvest by bringing it to the Boutiki.

  • Works San Jose – 451 South First St. map

    On view: Painting the Town: the Murals of Silicon Valley

    This exhibition continues with collaborative, individual, and documentation of past and proposed murals, and with murals from Works’ own WordsPaintingMusic and Left Coast Live, as well as pieces that have been in process throughout the exhibition. Even murals YOU may have worked on during the last South First Friday will be included in this evolving exhibition. Dozens of artists including Ben Alexy, Francesca Lovecchio, Teya Beradze, Paul J. Gonzales, and Gianfranco Paolozzi are participants in this community project.

  • Caffé Trieste – 315 South First St. map

    Opening reception of Gravity by artist Valerie Runningwolf

    New encaustic works as well as mixed-media pieces that are of traditional and contemporary ideas that awaken and encourage exploration.

    First Fridays are Opera Night at Caffé Trieste with some of the Bay Area’s best opera singers performing your favorite arias and duets.

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map

    Join us after Candlelight Yoga (6:15-7:45 pm) on Friday as we welcome Art Walk patrons and mingle with new yogi friends and the downtown community. The current exhibition is by one of our own yoga teachers, Emily Lounsbury.

    Emily Lounsbury’s current works take a look at modern women becoming empowered and expressing themselves through the digital self-portrait. Emily is an artist with a love for the figure, portraits, and anatomy. Her current works include ink washes and mixed media on paper and canvas. She explores what it means to be a modern woman in the twenty-first century; the era of internet social networking sites that create a place where people express and expose themselves on the internet. A new form of voyeurism arises from being able to peer into people’s lives without them knowing, and so much is captured by taking the camera in their own hands and see instant results. Since it’s easier than ever to document the human experience, Emily’s art seeks to bring back a human element of expression to the images and present them with transparent layers and more vibrant colors that bring the characters to life.

  • Good Karma Vegan Café – 37 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: Scrap Facet by Sandi Billingsley

    A collection of distinctive monochrome portraiture on rescued & re purposed material.

  • METRO Photo Exhibit – 550 South First St. map

    The First St Photo Collective and Metro are proud to present WHATEVER #2 (when nothing is a good theme you gotta do it twice!)

  • South First Billiards & Lounge – 420 South First St. map

    Cukui & Friends ImagiNatives: The 2nd Gathering

    Here is another chance to enjoy the art at South First Billiards from the Cukui crew and their talented friends.
    Added New Artwork, Live Painting Session, Special Live Musical Guests, Clothing and Goods Market, Free Giveaways

  • Ball Stacking Event at Gore Park – South First & William streets map

    Come join Bill Gould at Gore Park and try your hand at stacking concrete balls in creative ways. Compete for highest stack, most number of balls, creativity and difficulty level. There will be a novice area for our younger ball stackers. All you need is patience and a steady hand! Come enjoy friendly competition and listen to the Jimmy Dewrance Blues Band.

  • Art Ark – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    6pm–10pm Opening Reception: Fictions, The process of creating a new world new photography and videos by Alejandro A. Oliva

    How the process of creating a new atmosphere and characters can be as important as the final image.

    Live music by Contain Her and The Star People