March 1, 2024 — South FIRST FRIDAYS #ArtwalkSJ

Please join us Friday, MARCH 1ST for an inspired evening of arts, culture, and community at the FIRST FRIDAY ArtWalk SJ in SoFA District (& beyond!).   

All ArtWalk venues are open 5-9 pm, are free admission, and family-friendly. 

SoFA District

ANNO DOMINI // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 S. First St. map

Dark Bird Palace  Kelly Moore (New Mexico) Solo Exhibition

10 years of Painting and selling my art at the Tesuque Pueblo flea market in New Mexico gave birth to my ongoing story of Dark Bird Palace.  It’s a place at the foot of a magnificent volcano in the High Desert of where the Dead Cowboy, Lost Child, the Naked Assassin, Dark Birds, White Buffaloes and Alchemy Wolves to name just few of the mythological characters first poured into my Art. 

When the flea market closed, I moved my studio to an open air barn at my home but worried my story was over.  I soon realized I was surrounded by Snakebite Chupacabras and Tricksters there as well! Dark Bird Palace lives on and goes wherever I go. Welcome to Dark Bird Palace.

these are my words
eye was born a Dark Bird
much to my parents dismay
on the 13th day of a Scorpio Moon
in the Arkansas Ozarks
they took me in
fed me, clothed me,
and sent me to school
eye attempted to live a normal life
finding employment, trying to marry
& even voting regularly
but mostly failed
until I realized
eye could no longer
deny my true nature
And began flipping the tables
& rattling cages
folks sayd eye was crazy
And told me to Stop
(those are the folks who will 
let you know your doing rite)
but eye knew this
was an important breakthrough
and immediately began looking
for matches and kerosine
have been settin fires
ever since
~Kelly Moore

KALEID Gallery – 320 S. First St. map

Opening reception: Helen: Queen of the Flies Julie Barrett solo exhibition

Carl is in love with his beautiful,young patient Helen. Although she succumbs to her illness and dies, he still tries to keep her alive.through the layers of “reality” he has layered in his own reality. She exists between the planes of the here and the gone; he can’t tell the difference except for the crackles and blasts of his brain breaking…breaking through to her. Sometimes their connection is clear. She is alive with him, she is his – laughing and seemingly interacting with him. Then the crackling happens and he loses her; she can’t hear him anymore. She’s decaying, he’s trying desperately to stop that. He can’t control decay any more than he can control his disgusting love for a dead girl. He finally realizes that the only way he can truly be with her is to become one of the flies, feeding off her slowly decaying body. 

Carl Tanzler, or known as the Count Carl von Cosel (February 8, 1877 – July 3, 1952), was a German-born radiology technologist at the Marine-Hospital Service in Key West, Florida. He developed an obsession for a young Cuban-American tuberculosis patient Elena “Helen” Milagro de Hoyos (July 31, 1909 – October 25, 1931) that carried on well after her death. In 1933, almost two years after her death, Tanzler removed Hoyos’ body from its tomb, and lived with the corpse at his home for seven years until its discovery by Hoyos’ relatives and authorities in 1940. (source: Wikipedia) 

About the Artist: 

Francis Bacon influences my work greatly. His “answer to no one” style and attitude are highly relatable to me. My current work is mostly greyscale, charcoal,conte,graphite,etc.on paper. My current multi-media project “Helen: Queen of Flies” is a short film I’ve created using my iPhone and some simple editing programs. I call my style Dark Expression

MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 S. First St. map

Pictured artwork: “El Sol” by Delvin Lugo

Closing this month: ENVIANDO FLORES A MI TIERRA, loosely translated to “sending flowers back to my homeland”, features the works of Sofía Córdova, Delvin Lugo, and Christian Rodriguez. Honoring their origins while embracing the journey of the Latino diaspora, all three artists capture similarly unique stories about the transformative nature of immigration. What happens when one leaves behind the familiar for the unknown? How does one choose their new place of belonging? How do we continue to appreciate the memory of what once was, while living through all that was left behind? 

Free performance 7:30pm & 8:30pm: Bay Area based Discos Resaca Collective fronted by Mariposas Del Alma. The Meza-Blanco Sisters captivate audiences with their soulful vocals and powerful harmonies and Discos Resaca Collective bring a lot of energy to the stage, mixing traditional sounds with some modern elements that plays anything from Rancheras, Cumbias, Soul to Salsa.  Image courtesy of Discos Resaca

PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

Inspired! Natural Forms, Layers and Flowers  Mason Roberts Solo Exhibition

Inspired!  Natural Forms, Layers and Flowers are part of a series of paintings and drawings that are inspired by natural forms of rock, soil, energy, flowers, sky and movement. They tell the story of times past and time present and the consistent motion that is generally imperceptible to most of us. Perhaps a reminder that much has come before us and that much is still to come. Color and line are meant to engage the viewer and expose the energy, movement and sanguine balance between abstraction and recognizable form.

About the Artist: Roberts seeks out and finds inspiration through travel and encounters with new people. He endeavors to create innovative and inspiring works of art based on his love of drawing and creating something tangible, which, in turn, allows him to share his most innermost thoughts and feelings with the surrounding world. The artist strives to find balance between recognizable shape and abstract form and to tell a story through their interaction and juxtaposition.

These forms and connections often take the shape of the natural world and its inhabitants and perhaps highlight the increasingly complicated relationship we have with each other, along with the numerous connections we all share. Intersection of line and shape creating form and figure. Introduce color—intense color, tones that scream or sigh when viewed. Vibrant color! For Roberts, line + color becomes a language that can create innumerable engaging and interesting narratives that can be experienced throughout this exhibition.

San Jose Jazz – 310 South First St. map


Join us at the SJZ Break Room from 7-8pm on First Friday to hear the SJZ U19s Combo B playing a special set featuring a guest vocalist, covers of Dave Holland and Nate Smith tunes, music from the Metal Gear Solid video game, a reinterpretation of an 80s anthem, and possibly a few student arrangements!

The SJZ High School All Stars are a pre-professional group of high school jazz musicians, selected by audition, who rehearse and perform jazz pieces across the Bay Area. The SJZ U19s are a small breakout group from the High School All Stars that rehearses repertoire chosen by its members and gets specialized instruction and coaching for performance within this format.

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

Yvonne Porcella: A Look Back

Yvonne Porcella:  A Look Back exhibits objects from the late artist’s personal collection, which are now part of the permanent collection of the Museum. These include folk art costumes from around the world, art quilts from other artists, and her own work. She is known for her bold use of color!

Artwork: “Air Show” by Jonathan Shannon

Jonathan Shannon: Creativity, Collecting & Controversy 

Jonathan Shannon: Jonathan Shannon was the first male winner of the American Quilter’s Society Best of Show Award in 1993 with his quilt, Air Show (1992). Both Air Show and Amigos Muertos are considered among the 20th century’s 100 best quilts in The Twentieth Century’s Best American Quilts by Mary Leman Austin (Primedia, 1999). Upon his death in 2017, the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles acquired the Jonathan Shannon Collection, donated by the artist’s long-time partner Jeffrey Ross.

SoFA Market – 387 S. First St. ma

Anime Influenced: The Art of Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman makes art inspired by comic books, cartoons, neo-expressionism, and Black culture. Typically with acrylic paint, and mixed media techniques, Richard attempts to delve in between “pop art,” “expressionism” and “traditional animation.

Fountain Alley Area

Chopsticks Alley Gallery – 38 S. 2nd St. map

Artwork: Michael “MWIN” Nguyen , “Leonardo The King of the Hoàn Kiếm Turtles”

Mythological Icons and Fresh Ink

Participating Artists: Eva Argus, Thai Bui, Low Le, Michael Nguyen, Nessa Nguyễn and Kenneth Tan

Myths are as relevant to us today as they were to our ancestors. These sacred tales explain our experiences, instill pride in each generation, and inspire our artists’ works.

Today, the use of ancient iconographies has grown in popularity, yet it has not stopped tattooing from becoming taboo in contemporary society. The Asian communities’ feelings towards tattoos changed from respect to disdain, but even that can be overturned. Getting inked, as it was in the past, is a chance to honor ourselves, our cultural heritage, and artistry by displaying what we love on our skin.

6:30-8:30pm: Chopsticks Alley Art’s Asian American Healing – A Nature Walk Guide Book Launch Party featuring performances and artworks by poets, artists, and book contributors

About the book:

In writing this Asian American Healing (AAH) Nature Walk Guide, Chopsticks Alley Art is sharing with you a glimpse of Asian art, culture, philosophy, and the relationship our communities have with nature. The book features poetry and visual arts from local Asian artists.

With the help of our partner Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), we have collected a list of recommended parks that you may leisurely explore. We intend to share new ways to experience nature, encouraging you to enjoy our local parks more, express your creativity, and improve your mental health.

The AAH Nature Walk Guide will help you Release daily stress, Reconnect with yourself and others, and Reclaim your source of joy.

Works San Jose – 38 S. 2nd St. map

Artwork: Jonathan Kermit, “Every Direction at Once”

The Community Art Auction

The Community Art Auction opens on First Friday, March 1 from 5pm to 9pm! Start and build your local art collection while supporting your community art center. More than 100 artworks are in the South Bay’s most accessible art auction, with starting bids at a fraction of retail value. Exhibition and preview are free and art is also available to ‘buy it now’ during the exhibition. Auction exhibit continues to the closing auction event on Saturday, April 6.

Martha Gardens District

Art Ark Gallery – 1035 S. Sixth St. map

Opening reception: Maverick Photographers

Participating artists: Alex Baranda, Annette LeMay Burke, Michael L. Boyd, Dan Fenstermacher, Dan Forzano, Agnieszka Jakubowicz, Jacque Rupp
A photography collective exhibits work from all over the world. 

MACHU PICCHU Gallery of the Americas, Est 1974 – 199 Martha St. map

Huipil Traditional Indigenous Garments from Mesoamerica and Guatemala. 

The Huipil has been beautiful typical garment among the ethnic groups that have lived in Mesoamerica since pre-Hispanic times. Huipilis are finely woven clothing and are expressions of Guatemalan culture. In some cases, the huipil has deeper meanings that relate to stories, myths and legends.

The Huipilis reflect the history of Indigenous women, who over centuries have maintained the exquisite art of Mayan weavings that are done on backstrap looms.

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