May 6, 2011 — South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk

JOIN US for the next South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk on MAY 6th!
7pm ’til 11pm — ART WALK venues are free and open to the public

  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: What He Meant by The Self Was Simply Our Truest Nature, Our Natural State
    New work by Jeremiah Maddock
    Music: DJ Coco & DJ Boboso spinning records fresh from Paris flea markets and seedy London record shops!

    Jeremiah Maddock is a self-taught artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He finds it difficult to recall a time in his life when he wasn’t creating. Inspired mostly by people and nature, especially repetition—whether it be musical or visual—Maddock’s art is borne of the desire to make sense out of chaos and turn structure into static process. Each line in the work is a response to the one that preceded it.

    Although concepts occasionally reveal themselves to Jeremiah as he works, they’re often very vague. What the viewer may perceive as a recognizable symbol reveals itself to Maddock more like musical punctuation—subtle and lingering nearby with some abstract intention. And while the work as a whole may seem to tell us an elaborate story, none of it is preconceived. Mostly spontaneous and a bit obsessive, the work manifests from the artist’s almost trance-like drawing sessions onto found aged papers and recycled book covers that act as a receiver of the inks he mixes from dead pens and markers.

    Exhibition dates: May 6-June 18th

    On view in galleryONE: GLIMMER featuring Christian Breitkreutz (US), Megan Diddie (US), Luciano Scherer (BR) and Collin van der Sluijs (NL). Artists don’t typically run from the darkness, they walk right in and shine their light brightly so that we all may share in what they see. This illumination can have profound effects upon the viewer. Glimmer is a faint glimpse into the minds of four emerging artists. On view through May 21st

  • Art Glass Center of San Jose – 465 South First St. map

    Listing not available at time of posting.

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St. map


    Scott Jennings uses paper-thin porcelain to create gorgeous vessels for the table. Each piece gets pinched, stretched, patterned and assembled completely by hand. Check out Jennings’ colorful creations while sampling olive oil from Cloud 9 Orchard—a local organic farm making TRUE extra virgin olive oil from Italian, French, and Spanish varietals.

    Works by Jennings are featured in a broader show of tableware made by exhibiting artists at Higher Fire this May: Joe Battiato, Barbara Brown, Tim Carlson, Cristina Chang, Anita Clemetson, Dan Dermer, Doris Fischer-Colbrie, Jill Getzan, Donna Hills, Joy Imai, Hsin-Chuen Lin and many more.

    Join us May 6th, 7-11pm, for a reception for all the artists plus an evening of pottery wheel demonstrations and the kids’ clay table.

    Exhibit dates: May 6 – June 2

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    Artist’s Reception: RENASCI by Emonic
    RENASCI is the Latin word meaning rebirth or to be renewed. The body of work presented will deal with concepts and subject material based on human energy for an upcoming illustrated book called CRETUM due later next year.
    On view through May 27th

    Artist’s Reception: The Strip by Katie C. Gutierrez
    Intrigued with the notion of distilling a place as visually overwhelming as Las Vegas down into simplified points of bleeding light, Gutierrez encaustically collages her own photos with iconic vintage Vegas imagery to create her own brilliant yet hazy version of this place she loves to hate.
    On view through May 27th

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    Image Credit: Marcos Giatan, Love Machine, acrylic on masonite, 2011

    View MACLA’s 13th Annual Exhibition and Auction Latino Art Now. Join artist and art professor Eugene Rodriguez for Collecting 101. Geared to first time buyers or collectors who want to make informed decisions about buying art. In the Castellano Playhouse MACLA is featuring poets that have changed the meaning of “WORD”: Adriana Gracia and Yosimar Reyes.

  • Phantom Galleriesart exhibits in vacant storefronts and alternative spaces

    66 South First St: Connections by Lacey Bryant
    Bryant is interested in the disconnect between humans and nature and sets out to examine and reconcile that divide. The subjects of these paintings interact with creatures, sharing messages, fruit, freedom. The relationships they share are on equal footing. However, as with much of her work there are things left a mystery. We don’t know what message was shared or what the recipient’s reaction will be. Some of the questions left are more tenebrous-is the fruit being offered or stolen? This lingering tension encourages a dialogue, and a way to look at ourselves through a different lens.

    386 South First St: The Pallet Knife Dance… paintings by Ruthy Gold
    A series of paintings (acrylic on canvas using a pallet knife only) capturing the movement and flow of real life moments.

  • San Jose Jazz at Eulipia Restaurant – 374 South First St. map

    Lee Pardini Trio for San Jose Jazz, 8:30–10:30pm
    The Lee Pardini Trio is a high energy ensemble in the “Bad Plus” vein. Comprised of Lee on Piano, Kevin Higuchi on Drums and Gus Kambeitz on Bass, this native SJ trio makes for an exciting experience as they channel the Bill Evans Trio, with hints of Bud Powell, all the while making use of original compositions and jazz standards done in new and exciting ways. There are also hints of 70’s pop—if you listen closely …

  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

    Join us for the third annual May Day Market! Friday, May 6, from 7-11pm This Market is a sale of all kinds of donated goods to benefit the Museum. Last year, we had fabric, ethnic textiles, notions, stylish vintage clothing, and amazing quilts—both new creations and historical.

  • SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery – 577 South Market St. map

    In advance of Free Comic Book Day, the SLG Art Boutiki displays work from some of the notable contributors from the last 25 years of SLG Publishing’s notorious reign as one of the comic book world’s coolest comics company. On display will be art by Jon “Bean” Hastings, Crab Scrambly, and many others. Live music by the super-group that combines the best of The Art Boutiki Jazz Quartet and Quasimodal.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    Under Construction Art Party!
    Visit the new Works on South Market at San Salvador for an art party while construction continues. Featuring live painters: Cory Goodmorning, Ivan Gonzalez, Jonathan Perea, Mathew Scicluna, and Wadl. Musical accompaniment by Haptic Synapses, one of Silicon Valley’s best improvisational techno bands. Band members Steve Cooley, Derek Scott (The Rhythmist), and Charles Johnson (Qorser) use traditional tools, including home made and experimental sound sources and controllers. The result always has a solid backbone, a soulful feel, and an dash of chaos.

  • Caffé Trieste – 315 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: Barbarians and Beauties by Sandi Billingsley
    A series of work inspired by the conflict Billingsley has felt and witnessed in some women: the desire to be a hard competitor in the workplace and the desire to be a gentle object of desire.

    First Fridays are Opera Night! at Caffé Trieste with some of the Bay Area’s best opera singers performing your favorite arias and duets.

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: The Spirit of Northern Italy photographic work by Marco Zecchin
    Join us after Candlelight Yoga (6-7:30pm) as we open our doors to welcome the Art Walk patrons and the downtown community. Downtown Yoga Shala is proud to welcome featured artist, Marco Zecchin.

    For twenty-six years, Marco Zecchin had not returned to his Father’s home in Italy. Growing up in America, he was able to keep his family heritage at arm’s length. When he did return, it was to a world that had changed little. Marco’s childhood memories and his Father’s stories were locked in the land and buildings of Northern Italy. What they stirred in him was the start of a ten-year Odyssey to mesh his past with his present. These photographs and the book they spawned are Marco’s journal of this voyage.

  • Good Karma Vegan Café – 37 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: Alviso Slough photography Josh Marcotte
    A forgotten portal to the bay perched on the edge of the city, once crowded with steamboats and stagecoaches, Alviso sits eclipsed in the sun. Forgotten waterways and abandoned buildings litter a town swallowed up by San Jose annexation. “Alone, I wander the streets with a camera in my hand, in a place that is truly lost in San Jose.”

  • METRO Photo Exhibit – 550 South First St. map

    Come join us in the Metro building for Contour de Flesh photography by Aimee BuPane

  • Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    On View: Janice Kirkpatrick (nee MEYER) Visionary Reflections
    Kirkpatrick’s work combines strong colors with unique inner visions of universal symbolism. Her paintings and drawings often reflect dream imagery, with a lyrical musical influence. The imagery and forms she creates depict a strong sense of intuitive knowing and a deeper understanding of the magic in the natural world. She is able to transmit this to us in color, energy and form to change us on a deep inner level. Even though she had her start in Africa, she is heavily influenced by many world cultures and spirituality. She has a special affinity for the Native American culture, India, Hawaii and long gone cultures such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

    Pho69 also features live contemporary music on First Fridays. Come check out local bands performing favorite covers and original music.

  • Psycho Donuts – 288 South Second St. map

    Image credit: Valery Milovic

    Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is a quirky donut shop and art gallery. The gallery displays top local artists and has an ongoing exhibit featuring the work of John Renzel, Lacey Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, Laura Callin Bennett, Michelle Waters, John Hageman and Valery Milovic.

  • South First Billiards & Lounge – 420 South First St. map

    On View: A Night of Foolishness and Whimsy Art by Lara Sophia. Music by Rebelskamp and more!

    5-9pm ALL AGES. 9pm-close 21+ venue.

  • Art Ark – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    Image credit: Charles Hunter, tide prediction diagram

    Opening Reception: Next Question:
    San José State University BFA Graphic Design Exhibition 2011
    Forward-moving and equipped to embrace the unknown. An exhibition of the work of 25 graduating students from SJSU’s rigorous BFA Graphic Design Program. Posters, information design, typography, branding, book design, and time based media will be on view.