October 7, 2011—South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk

JOIN US for the next South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk on OCT 7th.

It all kicks off at 7pm! — ART WALK venues are free and open to the public

  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Preview of BLOODWORK: BODIES Exhibit by Analog Tattoo Arts Kolective (CA)

    Anno Domini is proud to present the third and final installment of the unprecedented tattoo arts documentation project by the global tattoo community of the Anaglog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv.

    4 Years
    5 Continents
    53 Tattooers
    119 Backpieces & Bodysuits
    2 Volume Book
    1 Box Set
    360º Interactive Views

    A multi-year, multi-continental undertaking, directed/produced by adrian Lee, photographed by Max Dolberg (both of the Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv), and contributed to by tattooers and collectors around the globe.

    On view in galleryTWO: Brett Amory White Light solo exhibition

    White Light is the next installment within Brett Amory’s Waiting series. Amory began the Waiting series in 2001 with paintings depicting commuter subjects seemingly detached from their fellow passengers and surrounding environments, inspired by the introverted culture of public transit and inhabitants of the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.

  • Art Glass Center of San Jose – 489 South Market St. map

    Space Palette is a musical and graphical instrument created by Tim Thompson that makes use of the Microsoft Kinect, a 3D camera. Standing in front of a wood frame, you wave your hands and “paint” both music and projected visuals. Any number of hands can be used simultaneously, so you and your friends can use it together and become an instant band and light show!

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St. map

    Dancing Lady by Jill Getzan; raku-fired stoneware

    Naked! — Higher Fire celebrates its 1st Anniversary with a group showing of work by its members. The theme “Naked” is individually interpreted by all the artists resulting in an eclectic display of naughty and nice clay works in diverse styles from raku to pit-fire and wood-fire — all gracing our gallery this October!

    Visit on October 7th for the South FIRST FRIDAY Art Walk and enjoy a reception for all the artists, activities at the clay table, and potters juggling clay, water and fire!

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    Opening Reception for featured artists John Renzel & Troy Sims

    Fictitious Portraits by John Renzel

    A series of traditional style character portraits but with a colorful and slightly demented edge.

    Rights–Rituals–Regards new work by Troy Sims

    Why do I form judgments of others to validate myself? In this series of mixed media paintings, and sculptures constructed of handmade paper and wire, artist Troy Sims touches on personal issues such as: civil rights, honoring our ancestors, and how we perceive beauty.

    This body of work explores the subjective world we live in, and the sea of opinions we deal with on a daily basis.

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    Join MACLA and Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy for a special open house. Visitors will a get a tour the academy and get view films by Mount Pleasant Highschool Students as part of Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy Program.

    In MACLA’s Gallery: Utopia/Nightmare: The American Dream Utopia/Pesadilla: El Sueño Americano Exhibition by Victor Cartagena with sound elements by David Molina.

  • Phantom Galleriesart exhibits in vacant storefronts and alternative spaces

    Correspondences and Elevation, Michele Guieu

    NextSpace Coworking + Innovation San Jose 97 S. 2nd St, Suite 100

    NextSpace San Jose is pleased to feature the work of Phantom Galleries artists Michele Guieu with her installation Correspondences and Elevation; The Strip; Encaustic images by Katie Guiterrez; and Jeanne Yee’s intricate collage works.

    Join us for the First Friday art walk and meet the artists, see what’s happening at NextSpace San Jose and enjoy Hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and the sweet sounds of El Jefe.

    95 South Market St: Folie à Deux Family Tree Monotypes and Glass Statues by Curt Schauer

    In this exhibit, Curt traces the origins and family history of the Folie a Deux series. From the image on the original sign in Tokyo that inspired the figurative images and the early acrylic ink monotype studies, digital drawings and oil based monotypes to the final five piece monotype series and blown glass statues that defined Curt’s work from 2008 to today. Folie a Deux explores the duality of extremes and conflict in human nature and between the art and the viewer in figurative and expressionist styles. Not satisfied with a single medium to express his vision,

    Curt furthered the duality theme by recreating the series in colorful 3D blown glass with hand etched graal images. This is the first exhibit to display the family tree in life (glass) and in portrait (monotypes) and displays the use of color, light, movement and dimenssion in Curt’s art.

  • San Jose Jazz at Eulipia Restaurant – 374 South First St. map

    Adam Everett Quartet for San Jose Jazz

    Originally from Massachusetts, drummer/bandleader Adam Everett has made a home in the Bay Area performing, recording and teaching private students. A recent graduate from San Jose State University, he has studied with local legends Galen Lemmon, Joe Hodge and Jason Lewis.

    For this gig, his quartet includes talented Bay Area players Benny Torres, saxophones; Ignatius Yuwono, keyboards; and Danny Ernst, bass. Their “Modern Jazz” sound is lightly arranged and often improvised, with a style that including elements of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and Afro-Cuban rhythmic elements. The repertoire includes Jazz standards, originals and arrangements of popular songs made to fit the jazz idiom. The Adam Everett Quartet recently produced their first album, Round One.

  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

    Crosses (Stone Mason’s Puzzle), From the collection of Roderick Kiracofe, Photo by Sharon Risedorph

    The Scrap ART exhibit showcases historical quilts drawn from the Museum’s and private collections and ‘scrappy’ contemporary works. Scrap ART examines the historical precedent and aesthetic of the scrap quilt and its modern-day descendants.
Just as quilters have long been inspired to make beautiful pieces from available scraps, the throwaways of daily life have inspired a new generation of ecologically-minded artists to combine creative reuse with old-fashioned thrift in works using material as varied as books, jeans, zippers, plastic, buttons and teabags. Scrap ART celebrates the reinterpretation of materials by artists both historical and contemporary in works that reflect the cultures and values of their makers.

    Join us for a Recycled Fashion Show from 8-10pm!

  • SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery – 577 South Market St. map

    Caustic Curio — The Art of Crab Scrambly

    Noted artist of such SLG Publishing comics as Everything can be Beaten, Nightmares & Fairy Tales and The 13th of Never shows a combination of new work, unpublished work and images from his upcoming art book Caustic Curio. Known as painter of many book covers and illustrator of a variety of both children’s and horror books, Scrambly combines a cartoony flair with a dark sensibility that makes his work both accessible and a little creepy.

    Live music and all of the stuff that makes an Art Boutiki First Friday the thing that things are made of.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    art by Steve Cooley

    Movin’ on Up! the 2011 members’ exhibition

    Works is indeed “Movin on Up!” with the most diverse annual exhibition in the South Bay on view in Works’ new home on South Market. More than 100 regional artists show their support for community art and performance at the same time as displaying an eclectic variety of talents.

    Join us for First Friday featuring the Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose, a no-host bar, and a host of Works members!

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    First Fridays is Caffe Frascati’s Opera Night! with all your favorite arias and duets performed live by some of the bay Areas finest opera singers. 8-10pm.

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map

    Join us after Candlelight Yoga (6-7:30pm) as we open our doors to downtown residents and the Art Walk patrons. Our featured artists are the husband and wife team of Jonathan and Joella Kermit, yoga practioners and members of our studio. Their exhibition, Wire and Thread is Jonathan and Joella’s second showing at Downtown Yoga Shala.

    Jonathan’s current work combines recycled wire and bits of urban flotsam with glazed paper to create abstract, occasionally whimsical, sculptures. Joella’s most recent textile pieces are hand dyed, silk screened, machine stitched, and trimmed with llama and sheep fibers. Seeing the sacred petroglyphs etched in rocks by the ancient people of the French Alps inspired the images.

  • Good Karma Vegan Café – 37 South First St. map

    The Peculiar Pageant new paintings and installation by Lacey Bryant

    Theatrically posed and surrounded by lush, illusory environments, the subjects of Lacey’s newest works are like pictures in a storybook written in an unknown language. The images are somewhat familiar but certain elements remains foreign. Like a hazy dream of an imagined childhood long forgotten, the images strive to make you feel as if you just might have been there once, maybe. As is common in Bryant’s work, there is a subtle tension between beautiful and unsettling elements. This contrast creates a sense of mystery and invites the viewer to construct their own interpretation of the scenes. In the safety of a world poised between reality and imagination where common symbols mingle with strange ones, her characters expose their fears, doubts, despairs and longings.

  • METRO Photo Exhibit – 550 South First St. map

    Join us for the Metro Photo Exhibit Pictures from Paris Photography by Sonja Caldwell

  • Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    Menelaus Helen, oil on canvas, 36″x48″

    ILION MODERN A new series by Randall L. Elkins

    In the faces of those around me I see Homer’s Bronze Age Achaeans and Trojan’s still struggling with the significance of existence and mortality in our modern world.

    Pho69 also features live contemporary music on First Fridays. Come check out local bands performing favorite covers and original music.

  • Psycho Donuts – 288 South Second St. map

    Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is a quirky donut shop and art gallery. The gallery displays top local artists and has an ongoing exhibit featuring the work of John Renzel, Lacey Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, Carlos Villez, Eric Joyner, Laura Callin Bennett, Michelle Waters and John Hageman.

    Stop by and see some new Halloween art created by our local “Psycho” artists!

  • South First Billiards & Lounge – 420 South First St. map

    art by John Cloud

    Just in time for Halloween and Dio De Los Muertos, Art of the Dead is whimsically dark, yet a colorful interpretive look at the land of the dead. Artists John Cloud, Greg Carillo,Steven Suiter, Fernando Perez, and Francisco Franco, show you their perspective of this great theme! Plus live art by the artists and musical performances by INFM, The Nielson Raiding, and O’Craven with a special performance by San Jose Symphonic Choir at 8pm and 9pm.

    5-9pm ALL AGES. 9pm-close 21+

  • TechShop San Jose – 300 South Second St. map

    Made At TechShop

    A collection of various projects made at TechShop from TechShop members.

  • Art Ark – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    Artwork by Gary Quinonez

    Art Ark Gallery is proud to present…

    Sonic a group exhibition of artists who have either incorporated sound into their work or have created objects that imply sound. Curated by Nancy Sevier.

    Opening Reception: Friday, October 7th, 5-8pm