October 5, 2012 — South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk

JOIN US for the next South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk on OCTOBER 5th
from 7–11pm.

The South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk is a self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.

  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Artwork by Hera (circa 2008)


    A private collection of art that started with a rumor and a cross country trip to Pennville, Georgia to meet the legendary Reverend Howard Finster. Twenty-one years later the passion to collect art by some of the most important voices of our time continues and here we exhibit some of the highlights of that collection.

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St. map

    Tanzanian Ceramics: The Spirit of the Potters and their Pots

    Sixteen years ago, Dr. Barbara Thompson, art historian and curator at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, began researching the sacred art of healing in the northeast highland cultures of Tanzania. Her studies took her to pottery villages in the West Usambara Mountains, where she documented the production of earthenware vessels and other art forms used as symbolic containers for spirit beings in healing rites and medicine dances. After her initial introduction to Tanzanian coil-built and wood-fired ceramics, Thompson continued to study the relationship between African pottery forms and symbolic systems, which now inform her own work in wheel-thrown vessels.

    Join us for October South First Fridays, beginning at 7:30pm on October 5th, for a slideshow and discussion with Dr. Barbara Thompson on the process of making and firing Tanzanian folk pottery. Dr. Thompson will discuss her experiences as a potter visiting the region and getting immersed in local ways of clay-making; she will also share pieces from her own personal collection of African pottery and discuss their influences on her own work.

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    Opening Reception for two new feature exhibitions with live music by J-Squared + Case in Theory

    Space to Grow new works by Michael Borja

    A visual connection into a colorful corner of space, growing with wild plants, curious tigers, floating fishes, and animal portals.

    Keeping Up With Appearances new works by Michael Foley

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    Ana Teresa Fernandez, MOJADA

    The MACLA Gallery will be closed due to PLACAS: The Most Dangerous Tattoo, a play by Paul S. Flores , developed and directed by Michael John Garcés of Cornerstone Theatre and starring Ricardo Salinas of Culture Clash but, join us for the Ana Teresa Fernandez MOJADA video installation on the MACLA façade.

  • Phantom Galleriesart exhibits in vacant storefronts and alternative spaces

    95 South Market St:ART ALIVE GALLERY
    Opening Reception & San Francisco Series Release Party
    Body-painted human canvas installation and live body-painting.

  • San Jose Jazz at Pagoda Restaurant & Bamboo Lounge – 170 South Market St. map

    Mark VW — A Tribute to Jaco Pastorius

    A exceptional jazz bass player pays tribute to a true legend. Marc van Wageningen (pictured on the left) was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. He started playing bass guitar at the age of 16, and he moved to the Bay Area in 1980 and found himself playing with jazz greats Eddie Marshall, George Marshall, Larry Schneider and Mel Martin. Over the years, Marc has had the opportunity to play with numerous musicians including: Pete Escovedo, Mark Murphy, Francisco Aquabella, Keiko Matsui, Luis Conte, George Duke, and many more.

  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

    Sea Foam Patterns by Dan Olfe 2011, 36″ x 59″

    2nd International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB) and AIDS Quilt Interactive: Touching 1.3 Million Square Miles

    ITAB includes traditional hand-work plus high-tech pieces of quilted binary code, QR code, and HTML. AIDS Quilt Interactive is an interactive touchscreen table with three hanging panels of the Aids Memorial Quilt. Also: “From the Heart: Fun Fabric Ornaments.”

  • Cardboard Box Theatre Project at San Jose Stage Company Courtyard – 490 South First St. map

    The Cardboard Box Theatre Project is excited to present 3 Woman, 1 Woman Show (with three women), as well as several other scenes, sketches, and musical interludes. 3 Woman is written and performed by three Cardboard Box favorites: Hayley Lovgren, Maren Lovgren and Kristin Schmitz. These three amazingly talented and extremely funny women guide the audience through a whirlwind tour of “womanhood” that explores everything from budding sexuality to gender roles to downright competition. Their one-woman show (with three women) will leave you laughing as you are introduced to the many facets of Femor (female humor).

  • SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery – 577 South Market St. map

    Local Music Seen

    No, we did not spell that wrong. The Art Boutiki has become something of a small hub for emerging local bands and along with that we have become a magnet for people with cameras. This month Art Boutiki is proud to present a showing of the concert and band pictures of Anna Larina (Skeleton Key Photography) as she displays photos taken at a number of bay area venues. Chances are if you have been to a show locally you may have been brutally pushed aside by Anna as she searches for that perfect shot, and now that perfect shot may be hanging on our wall.

    Speaking of Photography, the Art Boutiki will be rolling out a new South First Friday feature with our green screen photo booth. Get a picture of yourself on the cover of a magazine, or in front of some exotic place that we concocted just for this occasion. Since it is Halloween month (and yes Halloween lasts all month at the Art Boutiki) look for some custom spooky backgrounds done by our resident designers. Prices start at $10.00

    All that plus live music by Quasimodal and all the free comic books you can eat courtesy of SLG Publishing.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    Cooperative Gaming Co-op

    Curators James Morgan and John Bruneau have created a community “play” space built around the arcade cabinet as platform for interactive experiences. The arcade has been an important social gathering space and a place to experience new technologies through games. This exhibition brings together threads of community play, digital video game design and art, into a community arcade and lounge environment, serving as a platform and pivot point for dialog around the place of games in the lives of our communities, industries, artists, and designers. Organized in collaboration with CADRE laboratories at SJSU and presented by Works as part of the ZERO1 biennial.

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    Caffe Frascati Opera Night! presented by First Street Singers. All your favorite arias and duets performed live by some of the Bay Area’s best opera singers.

  • Circle A at Emile’s parking lot – 530 South First St. map

    Paintings by Joe Demaree and custom car show.

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map

    left: Jonathan Kermit, right: Joella Kermit

    This is the third exhibit at Downtown Yoga Shala for Jonathan and Joella Kermit. Jonathan continues to work with recycled wire and glazed paper to create his at once simple but intricate sculptures. Joella’s hand-dyed textiles reflect her continuing exploration of meditative layers.

  • Good Karma Vegan Café – 37 South First St. map

    Phantom Galleries presents Lonesome Town new works by Kori Thompson at Good Karma Vegan Cafe.

    Everyone has a story. A story of why they are the way are. Every story leads up to when you cross paths or interact with that person. Whether its a person you talk to for a few minutes or a life long friend you see everyday. Our biggest contribution to one another is inspiration. It’s something that is not fake or phony, it can not be bought or sold. It’s a real feeling. These paintings represent the impression people I’ve met have left on me. ~Kori Thompson

  • LGBTQ Youth Space – 452 South First St. map

    New to the SoFA District and the South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk, the LGBTQ Youth Space is a Non-Profit Drop-in center and mental health program for local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Ally-Youth ages 13-25 living in Santa Clara County.

    Our gallery displays works of local creative enthusiast Muckers G. Mooderf, a young aspiring artist who’s style reflects a sub-conscious dream state in which the mind is free to roam in every depth of reality. Acrylics with vibrant colors that stimulates the eyes to keep on looking. All the works of art are recycled on cardboard, reused canvases, particle board…and much more.

  • METRO Photo Exhibit – 550 South First St. map

    Lost and Found artwork by Jason Adams

  • Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    Phantom Galleries presents Year of the Dragon 2012 by Curt Schauer at Pho69.

    Dragons are powerful mythical creatures that symbolize strength, health, harmony, intellectuality and luck. In Year Of The Dragon. 2012 Curt explores Asian influences in his artwork. Monotype, contact print and calligraphic collage are the media represented in this exhibit, all based in Eastern philosophy, beliefs and current affairs.

  • Psycho Donuts – 288 South Second St. map

    Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is a quirky donut shop and art gallery. The gallery displays top local artists and has an ongoing exhibit featuring the work of John Renzel, Lacey Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, Valery Milovic, Carlos Villez, Eric Joyner, Laura Callin Bennett, Michelle Waters, John Hageman and Robert McColley!

  • TechShop San Jose – 300 South Second St. map

    Members will be bringing in projects that they have made at TechShop. Come check out what projects you can make at TechShop!

  • Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    Unlikely Friends by Sally Sherwood

    SCI-FI-FANTASY Opening Reception, 6–9pm

    A thematic exhibition exploring the genre of science fiction / fantasy art.
    Live music by Soy Sauce Control

In addition to wonderful restaurants and cafés in the district, we’ll have gourmet food trucks in the parking lot next to Anno Domini Gallery.