March 7, 2014 — South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk

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The South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk is a self-guided evening tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring exhibitions and special performances.


  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map


    Artist’s Reception: We’s Gone Be Fine by Jeremiah Maddock (OR)

    Anno Domini is pleased to welcome the return of Jeremiah Maddock to the gallery with his third solo exhibition since 2009 A.D. A hyper-prolific artist, Jeremiah continues his intensely patterned drawings as well as his unique figurative themes. In 2011, Jeremiah came to San Jose for his opening reception from New York City… deciding shortly afterwards that he wasn’t going back. Since then, he’s been living in a house, near a river in the Pacific Northwest, with the fish, otters, deer and bald eagles.

    “This work, like most of my work, is an ongoing process of exploration.
    “Through the process of creating I find part of my brain and spirit that, so far I can only access through hours and hours of creating and building my visual language. To me it feels like meditation, or at least, what I understand meditation to be. It is a feeling that I am addicted to and so I keep on searching all the time–I can’t go out and buy it anywhere. With this feeling comes warmth and peace, love and angst, and a freedom of knowing that there is no right way to be an artist…it’s a great freedom…it connects me, I feel, to something other worldly or maybe just worldly…I wouldn’t know. While I am working, the pieces look amazing to me…like it has a pulse or electrical current weaving through it…when I wake up the next day, it seems to be gone and it looks like just another drawing. It is through the process of making that I find the images and concepts–if there are any to be found. Barely ever do I have preconceived ideas when I sit down to work (which should explain somewhat this vague paragraph.) Though I have been making things for a very long time, I feel I have barely scratched the surface of what can be, so I will keep going through this maze until I find that flood gate. There is a lot for me to look forward to.”

    ~Jeremiah Maddock


    On View: I Stand for Sacrifice new works by Bill Dunlap (NY/MD)

    The exhibition’s title I Stand for Sacrifice is from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and the enigmatic author is a near daily inspiration for Dunlap. Each of Dunlap’s paintings are a motivation: paintings by old masters, internet pornography, Appalachian quilts, how he feels and what he’s thinking day to day influence the progression as he works on them. “I think pictures are best when they’re like poems,” says Dunlap, “boiling things down to the rarest essentials.” Color and texture pop from the solitude of the black backgrounds giving the viewer a clue to the story but never a clear answer.

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St. map


    Scott Jennings creates supple, sensuous tableware from thin slabs of porcelain — pinched, stretched, patterned and assembled completely by hand. Bright pastel glazes finish each piece, emphasizing form details and adding vibrant colors. Watch Scott demonstrate his cool, clay construction techniques on First Friday, March 7 at 8pm at Higher Fire.

    “I choose to make pottery because of the excitement and satisfaction that I get from discovering new forms. I am interested in utilitarian vessels and find that they provide endless avenues to explore form and surface design. Each piece that I make stands in stark contrast to the manufactured goods of the world around us; they are imperfect, irregular, and not exactly repeatable. I strive to make pieces that are visually stunning and that have friendly tactile qualities. Ultimately I hope that the user contemplates how ceramics with unique characteristics can fit into and enhance their daily routines.”

    Scott earned a B.F.A. in ceramics from Cal State Fullerton and now supervises dinnerware production at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco. Scott is thrilled to join Higher Fire’s instructional staff this spring, teaching our new Tuesday PM hand-building class beginning March 11th.

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    Moons at Interchange

    Artist Reception: Siddhartha Year by Bryson Bost

    We’ve entered, the year of the horse, and the horse, is the dog’s best friend. As a water dog through birth, I am quite optimistic. 2013 was a snake-year, yet for many people I’ve come across, it was more of a “Siddhartha Year” than anything else. It seems there was much double-edged learning, and life-altering reflections, and unique stretches of turmoil that emerged.
    Perhaps the number 13 had something to do with it. Yet, there are always certain years during our lives that so much ‘real living’ is consolidated within a single calendar year, and thus, we must wear many hats therein. Hopefully, we come to some greater understanding of what it is that serves everyone in such a way that … I have to say it again, it’s my motto, “everyone gets a piece.” I give you thanks.

    Bryson Bost has been privileged to exhibit his works throughout San Jose, San Francisco,
    Oakland, and Burlingame. As an artist, he enjoys providing many details to those who pause, and stand before his works. Thankful to have lived in Hong Kong, Mexico, and Japan for three years respectively, Bryson has been influenced by the nature of the land and the people of distant places, as much as his favorite sanctuary, “the Bay Area.”


    Artist Reception: FRACTURE new works by Andy Wallace

    Working in diverse mediums including sculpture, carpentry, photography, drawing and painting, Andy Wallace’s process-oriented work sets up a stage for geometric, figurative imagery encoded with social commentary. His stylized renditions of the human form evolved from random
    experimentation and combining raw materials and mediums.

    Andy earned his B.F.A from California University East Bay in 2011. Since then he has shown work in various venues including the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, CA, participated in a juried show at the De Young Museum with fellow college students. Wallace’s work has been included in solo and group exhibitions throughout San Jose including the Art Ark, KALEID Gallery, and various other venues. Today Andy maintains and struggles with continuing personal art while maintaining commercial demands as a display artist.

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    Janelle Iglesias, Rock constellation, 2013. Collage and graphite on panel, 12 x 12 inches. Photograph by Melina Ramirez.

    LATINO ART NOW! 16TH Annual Art Auction + Exhibition

    The auction includes work by established contemporary artists, including Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, Janelle Iglesias, Lisa Iglesias, Luis González-Palma, Erika Harrsch, and Sam Rodriguez. It also showcases prominent Bay Area artists including Viviana Paredes, Consuelo Jimenez-Underwood, Pablo Soto Campoamor, Nora Raggio and Juan Carlos Quintana and many more. These and other artists have generously donated selections from their current work, including paintings, light installations, sculpture, collage, mixed-media work, and photography, reflecting the breadth of visual arts media for which MACLA is known.


8-9:30 p.m. Music performance by MAIKO Women’s Drum and Poetry Ensemble. 
Get energized by Maiko’s unique mix of poetry, Afro-Cuban, Latin and Brazilian rhythms.

  • Phantom Galleries + Cinequest at Camera12 Cinema – 201 S 2nd St. map

    Phantom Galleries is once again proud to partner with CINEQUEST to on the CQ Live Art Contest for the fourth year in a row. This year’s featured artists are: Jean Davis, LAuruS Myth and Avery Palmer. These exceptionally talented artists will be on site at Camera12 Cinema during the March 7th Art Walk and throughout the film festival painting live inspired by this year’s Cinequest theme CONNECT.


    Jean Davis’ work deals with the ideas of emergence – both the emergence where a person comes through, out of, or becomes. Davis paint these in oil using a combination of realism and abstraction.


    LAuruS Myth is a prolific artist who expresses the constant search inward and outward for a collective power. Her paintings speak about a native connection we share throughout our diverse cultures. The symbols in her paintings are derived from her intimate interactions with other cultures. She recreates visions of her world that fuses sciences with spirit and nature with innovation. While finding a deep connection to every culture and bits of nature she permeates, LAuruS celebrates the varieties of experience throughout her paintings and hopes to evoke a worldly sense of unity.


    Avery Palmer is a painter and sculptor from Arcata, California. Inspired most notably by Surrealist painting, his figurative art presents ambiguous, allegorical scenarios exploring the complex nature of the human condition, the subconscious, and the interconnectedness of all things. From a young age Palmer was driven to express his active imagination through drawings. While earning his BA in Art at Humboldt State University, he developed a great passion for- and dedication to drawing. Enabled by his development as a draftsman, he branched out to the areas of painting and sculpture. He also has an MFA from San Jose State University

  • Phantom Galleries – 95 South Market St. map

    art work by Dee Dee Torre

    FRPArt (Functional Restoration Program Art) uses the creation of art as a catalyst for physical, spiritual, and cognitive rehabilitation from various injuries and afflictions. In conjunction with releasing stress and anxiety through the mindful process of creation, promoting an overall sense of positivity and well being.

    Featured artists: Brandon Anderton, Carla Bolden, Betsy Braun-Kernaghan, Anthony Campisi, Liz Conklin, Chasity Washam Finney, Dyanne Hofstad, Sedara Olker, Laela Ramos, Michele Rice, Michelle Rourke, Dee Dee Torre, and Ann Wilcox.

  • Seeing Things Gallery – 30 North Third St. map


    Opening reception: “TANGIBLE” a Hand printed Exhibition
    photography by Ben Gore, Nich Kunz, Carson Lancaster, Sam Milianta, Espen Stokke, Jarod Taber, Segej Vutuc, Seth Ramirez, Jason Lecras, Brandon Getty, Kohlton Ervin

    “Humans have always had a desire and need to create, from tools to shelters to art. These creations often outlive their creator leaving others claiming the creator has a “god complex”. Maybe that’s why we create, maybe not… maybe that’s why we created god in the first place. The group of artists in this show, living somewhere in between California and Croatia, have created photographs in the traditional sense, using their hands to make a physical object, out of an elemental human need and desire to create Tangible art. These are things they can share and give to their friends and they’d like to share them with you too! Everyone loves Seeing Things so come to Seeing Things Gallery and rejoice in this near religious exhibition of Tangible photography.”

  • Silicon Valley Music Festival at Sliding Door Company – 355 South First St. map

    Antoniy Kakamakov, Guitar

    The Silicon Valley Music Festival now in its third year is thrilled to be collaborating with South FIRST FRIDAYS to promote and enhance the cultural community in which we live.

    Antoniy Kakamakov will delight us all with works for solo guitar. Please join us in welcoming him to San Jose when he performs during the March 7th Art Walk.

    One Thousand Thousand Project by Jason McHenry

    Also on view will be Jason McHenry working on his goal of one million paintings through his One Thousand Thousand Project.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map


    Sexpartite In Nuance: a fine art bodypaint and installation mashup between Trina Merry and Theresa Because

    Join us for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk and experience bodypaint first hand! Wear clothes you don’t care about and come play messy twister with us and a life-sized anatomically correct operation board all involving bodypaint! Also catch a special bodypaint performance where our art alive galleries will become a giant skull, create an infinity sign out of painted umbrellas all to the sultry tune of Tom Waits!

  • ZERO1 Garage – 439 South First St. map

    SparkChat, by Daniela Steinsapir, Installation shot courtesy of Eve Warnock

    ZERO1 Fellowship/x
    Featuring: Cecilia Galiena, Simon Geilfus (ANTIVJ), Paula Levine, Daniela Steinsapir

    Tapping a new source for disruption and recognizing the inherent innovative power of the artistic process, ZERO1 launched its Fellowship Program one year ago. The inaugural class of Fellows was presented with individual innovation challenges and have spent the past year researching, prototyping and producing outcomes in response to their respective challenge. From a cooperative urban experience, to a new messaging app; from a web platform facilitating social practice art to an unveiled presence of public network connections, ZERO1 is proud to present the results of these Fellow’s year-long journey. Come down to the ZERO1 Garage and discover each of the Fellows’ unique responses to their innovation challenges.

  • Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map


    Opening reception: Cross Pollination

    An art exhibition featuring the work of art faculty and staff working in the Art Departments of Silicon Valley’s six community colleges: Evergreen Community College, San Jose City College, Mission College, West Valley College, Foothill College and De Anza College. Live music by Freya Seeburger.

  • Cc: Artwalk Photo Booth outside of Anno Domini – 366 South 1st St. map


    Get your costume on! Free photo booth at the March 7th Art Walk!

    Don’t miss the free photo booth at the March 7 South First Fridays Artwalk! Grab your friends and head over to this special project known as Cc: Artwalk … a celebration of the Creative Culture of San Jose! Costumes are encouraged – feel free to dress up like your favorite artist or artwork, or anything else that inspires you. But you can also come as you are! We’ll have a table of fun props for you to and your friends to take a memorable picture together. The photo that wins the most Likes on our Facebook page will win a cool prize, like a Flip video camera or a gift card to a local restaurant!

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map


    Opening Reception: Downtown Yoga Shala will be featuring Bay Area sister artists Andrea and Shannon Larsen for Barefoot with the Larsens.

    Andrea’s exhibit titled, Uplifting Light, includes oil on wood, pastel, and 2-dimensional designs. A series of abstracts influenced by the sun’s light and rays encourages a positive state of mind. In addition, singer-songwriter Shannon will provide live music in the open studio.

  • First to Market Restaurant – 399 South First St. map


    First To Market makes its South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk debut with an exhibition of photography by Jennifer Bullock OwYoung.
    As a photographer, Jennifer’s work spans many subjects, not focusing on any particular style. She enjoys shooting everything from sweeping landscapes to detailed macro photos. This collection of her work represents some of her favorite places and events in the San Jose/South Bay area.

  • The Soundtrack of Cinequest at South First Billiards – 420 South First St. map


    SPECIAL EVENT 9:30pm–1am: Cinequest proudly presents the festival’s first DJ competition for the dancefloor. Join us when the Bay’s top sound ambassadors settle the score at this celebration of sound.

    Cinequest is thrilled to start its first festival weekend with a bang: A night full of funky beats, spinning turntables and the magic of sound. Be there when DJ That Girl, DJ Shea Butter and The CME compete for the festival’s hottest dance moves and the chance to perform at Cinequest’s spectacular Closing Night on March 15. From house, to funk, to soul, our Sound Ambassadors will present you with their finest record selections, sure to make you shake and jump. Dance, connect, enjoy, and let loose at this exciting event and help us find the soundtrack of Cinequest Film Festival 2014.

    Free admission with Cinequest film ticket or $5 donation at door. 21+ over.


  • San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

    Janet Lipkin, Hommage to African Quilt, 2003

    Metamorphosis: Clothing & Identity

    Comprised of approximately 60 pieces, Metamorphosis will chart the development of the Bay Area Artwear movement starting from the original Levi’s “Denim Art Contest” of 1973 all the way through the works of contemporary designers. The exhibition showcases work by influential founders of the Artwear movement, each with their own recognized technique and aesthetic. These artists include: Jean Cacicedo, Marian Clayden, Kaffe Fassett, Ellen Hauptli, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Ina Kozel, Janet Lipkin, K. Lee Manuel and Yvonne Porcella. Other artists included in the exhibit are: Isaac Amala & Liz Simpson, Michael Cepress, Angelina De Antonis, Ellen Hauptli, Laura Raboff, Carol Lee Shanks, Nancy Yodelman, and Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt.

    Group of 17 Potholders
    Selection of vintage pot holders c. 1940 – 1960
    From the Collection of Kathy Murphy

    Tasty, too!

    Tasty, too! highlights a few of the remarkable quilts from the 1999 exhibit and catalog Women of Taste, A Collaboration Celebrating Quilt Artists and Chefs (C&T Publishing). Included are Alice Beasley’s Bette’s Diner, Mary Mashuta’s Mixed Greens, and Cherries 3 by Miriam Nathan-Roberts. One large wall is completely covered with over 80 vintage to new pot holders. These utilitarian objects each with a food related subject provide a glimpse into our collective delight on the subject of food, eating, and cooking.

    Fiber Shots! A complementary exhibit is the small scale 16” x 16” food related quilts created by artists in our community responding to the Tasty! theme and challenge. Donated to the museum these quilts are available for sale at $100 each to raise money for the museum’s programs.


    For the March Meet & Make workshop, join local artist and SF Etsy leader Jen Johnson of Mama’s Magic Studio to celebrate the coming of spring by making tiny birdhouses. Handcrafted from upcycled corks and pretty papers, these cute little creations can hang in your window, decorate a favorite potted plant, or bring a bit of spring décor to any part of your home. Feel free to bring your own corks or use those that we have collected! As always, all materials are included with your workshop reservation.

  • Cafe Stritch – 374 South First St. map

    Information not available at time of posting.

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    First Fridays is Caffe Frascati Opera Night presented by First Street Singers, with the Bay Area’s finest opera singers performing your very favorite classical arias and duets live in the cafe!

  • Pho69 – 321 South First St. map


    Phantom Galleries presents JOURNALS by Gianfranco Paolozzi

    Marking on surfaces moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.

  • Psycho Donuts – 288 South Second St. map

    Art by Carlos Villez

    Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is a quirky donut shop and art gallery. The gallery displays top local artists and has an ongoing exhibit featuring the work of John Renzel, Lacey Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley, Michael Borja, Valery Milovic, Carlos Villez, Eric Joyner, Laura Callin Bennett, John Hageman and Robert McColley!

  • Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map


    The Studio Rock Gym presents eYE mUNUDO mixed media work by Al Preciado

    Preciado is a teacher, artist and curator (SEED and Influences exhibit as well as the upcoming Shelter exhibit at the at the Citadel). This exhibit will feature a range of watercolors, paintings, drawings and sculpture from the past year.

    Live music by Column of Air plus Mitch and Josh Waldman.

  • TechShop San Jose – 300 South Second St. map

    Information not available at time of posting.