May 4, 2018 — South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk

JOIN US for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk
First Friday, MAY 4th from 7–11pm
SoFA District (& beyond) downtown San Jose
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The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is a self-guided, nighttime tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances. All ArtwalkSJ venues are FREE admission & open to the public.


  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Searching,” William Schaff, mixed media, diorama, 2017.

    Artist reception galleryONE: “I’ve got a message for you, if I could only remember…” William Schaff solo exhibition

    Enamored with traditional Chinese paper cuts (of both the classic and modern age), I was moved to try my own hand at the medium. The challenge becomes to not simply mimic the style I have come to love, but to try and fine a visual vocabulary more true to me. It’s not that the traditional subject matter of animals and flora don’t hold an incredible power for me as well, but I felt to stick only with those subjects made it harder for me to break away from simply trying to imitate Chinese paper cuts.

    So I turned to the Bible – the book of my faith. I turned to the human/animal hybrids found in my other works. I included the nature I see around me, too, but I have looked to go further. Overall I feel this is a beginning. A strong beginning, but a beginning nonetheless. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. ~William Schaff

    William Schaff (b. 1973, Boston, MA) has been a working artist for over two decades. Known primarily for his mastery at album artwork, (Okkervil River, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Brown Bird, Songs: Ohia, etc) Schaff is also the founder of Warren Rhode Island’s “Fort Foreclosure.” The building, lovingly named without the least bit of irony, serves as Schaff’s home and studio as well as home and meeting place for other artists (most notably resident musicians MorganEve Swain, and the Late David Lamb, both of Brown Bird). William, recognizing the importance of art in this world, recently expanded his community to the West Coast, where he started “The Outpost” in Oakland, California. There–financial earnings be damned!–William fills his days drawing works of art for private commissions, bands, and his own examinations of human interaction. “I’ve got a message for you, if I could only remember…” is Schaff’s second solo exhibition with Anno Domini.

    Live music during the reception by Lisa Dewey (Kitchen Whore Records) & John Testani ( 8pm, 9pm and 10pm).

    Original journal page 126 (“It’s My Only Chance”), Barron Storey, 2017

    On view in galleryTWO: “FACES RAW” Barron Storey solo exhibition.

    There’s something about faces. I remember my mother saying: “Barron always looks at faces…”. A big part of my illustration career–a habit in my journals–an exercise for my students (“The BIG HEADS”) and a focus in the art I’ve loved. I see faces in everything – everything. I was blown away by Chuck Close’s huge faces as much as Mona Lisa’s….

    I’m also seriously attracted to modern abstract art– I see faces there, too. Faces in my own abstract mark making, faces in a de Kooning or a Pollock….”it’s always a face.” That’s a frequent comment in my journals….which leads me to say: “I’m a journal guy”. In over 200 journals I’ve illustrated my life – a life which has become very withdrawn as I age and do much less teaching. Cue the “selfies”–I draw a character based on my own appearance over and over–not looking in a mirror–not really “looking” at anything except the clutter of art supplies on my drawing board. I was taught to emphasize “seeing.” Seeing faces or other images in the marks made by my hand has, to an extent replaced observation of “reality” – looking “inside” rather than outside.

    So when invited by the excellent Brian and Cherri of ANNO DOMINI to show new work, I had to face the fact that almost everything I do now is in my journals (500 pages in the last year and a half) so ….show THAT work.

    By the way, almost all of it is very raw. My new esthetic is what I call “SPLAT.” I’ve lost almost all interest in refined realist painting. “SPLAT” is a process by which the images make themselves. I see images in every splat, and like everything else I look at–those images tend to be–you guessed it–faces. FACES RAW. ~ Barron Storey

    Barron Storey (American, b. April 6, 1940) is an illustrator, graphic novelist, fine artist and noted educator, Storey has created award-winning artworks for the covers and pages of Time, National Geographic, Saturday Review, and The Sandman: Endless Nights among many others including the cover of the classic novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding (1980 edition.) His artworks are held in the collections of the National Air and Space Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, and Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. “FACES RAW” is Storey’s 7th solo exhibition with Anno Domini.

  •  Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    Artists’ reception: “Mindscape” group exhibition

    Artists work with landscapes to navigate the artist mind using figurative and abstract forms.
    Participating artists: David Beckett, Erika Gomez Hernao, Catherine Lentini, Gianfranco Paolozzi, Carlos Perez, Fabricio Ponce, Al Preciado, Joe Bastida Rodriguez and Reid Winfrey

  • Gallery Suha Suha – 45 E. Williams St. map

    “Coffee, Cake and Cat” by Sung Jae Bang and Haelee Choi

    Gallery Suha Suha opens its door with the inaugural exhibition of paintings and ceramic works by San Jose artists Haelee Choi and Sung Jae Bang. The artists’ works roam across the blurred boundaries between the mundane and the reveries that punctuate it. They make no attempt to deny their escapist motives. Rather, these visions are painstakingly wrought into a palpable, craftsmanship-like reality with its own shapes, contours, and textures. Haelee Choi’s paintings trace their roots to illustration. They begin with a Seussian inspiration, but are firmly held together by an adult grammar. Sung Jae Bang’s objects comb through the kitchen with ample gastronomic flair. Scrumptious and inviting, they call the viewer back to where it all started: the tummy. But they are as simultaneously sobering as they are appetizing, for every craving, every hankering eventually leads to naught. Michelin stars on restaurant doors may stay round the clock, but the dishes to which they refer never do, for tastiness is commensurate with the speed at which the food is gobbled up. Food, after all, is to be consumed, while art is to be treasured. Bang’s works suggest the contrary. Art isn’t fundamentally dissimilar to the goods we consume.

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    KALEID Gallery is proud to present two new feature exhibitions by gallery resident artists Bryson Bost and Maytal Gotesman for the month of May.

    Artist reception: “Almsgiving” new paintings by Bryson Bost

    Providing lines, patterns, and colors. At the day’s end, that’s what has arrived and may be offered. I give you thanks.

    Through laboring away amidst ever-evolving details, one may ideally capture a greater understanding of the inner-workings of our world, and of the self. When among the process, everything disappears. For this, I feel quite fortunate, to receive respite, in the truest sense of the word.

    Bryson Bost has exhibited extensively throughout the Greater Bay Area. As an artist, he believes creation and hospitality are equally valued.

    Artist reception: “Otherwordly” new work by Maytal Gotesman

    “Through a combination of body parts, cosmic imagery, and imaginary plants and organisms, my art stylistically takes on an abstract and otherworldly quality. I am especially inspired by our primal and animalistic instincts, as well as by our reproductive system.” ~ Maytal Gotesman

  • PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

    Artist reception: “Cul-de-sac Cruisers” by Lost San Jose / Joshua Marcotte at the beautiful Pierce Apartments lobby gallery.

    Photographer Josh Marcotte is a fourth generation resident of San Jose, California. Inspired by the stories his grandfather told him about growing up in San Jose, Josh began documenting his views of the city through stories and photos. This selection of photographs focuses on automotive modern-ruins, mostly captured in present day Silicon Valley, and showcased at the site of a former car rental building which is now the newly constructed Pierce Apartments.

    Exhibition produced by Phantom Galleries guest curator Vivian Giourousis.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    Artwork by Tamara Chang

    Artists’ reception: “Anticipation Now!”

    Experimental coursework in visual development, story, animation, and modeling in the fields of filmmaking, gaming graphics, character creation, and more. The work of 70 graduates from the 2018 SJSU Animation/Illustration BFA program will be featured. The program consistently ranked as one of the premier university programs in the nation.

  • SJSU Muse Night at Hammer Theatre – 101 Paseo de San Antonio map

    SJSU Muse Night

    An exciting new event showcasing student talent, art and creativity every First Friday! Come enjoy live dancing and singing, art done in front of your eyes, poetry written for you and games and programs made by SJSU students! Support local students and see new up and coming artists!

    Participating artists: Photo Guild, Julia Vrolyks, Noah Kay, Roxanne Corbin, Mario Rodriguez, Dirty Brushes, SJSU Spartones, Spartan Stellas, Film Production Society, Center Stage Productions, Printmakers Guild, SJSU Comedy Club as well as live bands, stand up comedy, a cappella groups and short films all playing throughout the night.

  • Social Policy – 200 South First St. map

    Artists’ reception: “Chosen Family”

    May at Social Policy is celebrating nontraditional cultures and our chosen families. As we navigate through life the people we choose to surround ourselves with become our support systems and our families, Inevitably they shape us and we shape them. Our show is examining the relationship between the individual and the community.

    Participating artists: Jackie Baxton, Abby Bettencourt, Lynn Dau, Rosie Diaz, Nick Felice, Sarah Gendler, Ivan Isai, Maddie Jack, Sandy Lee, Thomas Love, Kevin Liu, Andrew Marovich, Renae McColhum, Kedrick Mckenzie, Camille Miller, Megan Moriarty, Shane Parsons, Kurt Salinas, Christabel Soto with live music by Emily Brown, Carter Carl, Dario Jackson, Sancho

  • SoFA Market – 387 So. First St. map

    Artist’s reception: “Muses and Music” by digital paintings and illustrations by Angela Holmes

    Angela didn’t become serious about the arts until a few years ago when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. While observing how art therapy quieted her mother, Angela began to take painting courses online and in person herself. Going back to school after turning 40 and becoming a working artist is something Angela never would have dreamed would be possible.Angela took a particular interest in the surreal and fantasy genres as a way to escape her daily duties as a caregiver. Eventually Angela was commissioned to create Fantasy book covers and even a few wine labels. In 2014 Angela obtained a Graphic Design degree. As her online student portfolio began to gain recognition she got the courage to offer freelance design services while caring for her mother. As her skills improved she joined the local San Jose art Salon that was held in San Jose’s Little Italy. The more experienced artists welcomed her and encouraged her to enter more local events. Angela still doesn’t feel like an artist. She feel more like the world is a playground she gets to play in and if occasionally some sees what she does as being art that’s OK too.


  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    In the DMC Studio at MACLA: Youth Showcase & Open Mic, 5:30-7pm
    Come kick it with us for our young community’s monthly Youth Open Mic and Art Showcase! We welcome all MC’s, Spoken-word Artists/Poets, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, and all performers. Enjoy live music, a showcase of downtown San Jose, CA photography and watch the public premiere of youth short films.

    Must be ages 13-20 to perform in the Open Mic. Sign up list opens at 5:30 pm; open Mic/Poetry Slam from 6–7pm. Each performer will be allowed to perform 2-3 pieces OR a 5 minute set.

    In MACLA’c Castellano Playhouse: Rosa Los Santos, 8-10pm
    Rosa Los Santos came to Oakland in 2001 from her birthplace in Lima, Peru and has been singing Latin and especially Afro-Peruvian music professionally for several years. She performs regularly with Peruvian groups ‘De Rompe y Raja’, ‘Nosotras’, ‘Grupo Juvenil Guaranguito’ and ‘Nostalgia’. Rosa sings a wide repertoire of Latin music, plays guitar and cajon –a percussion instrument of Afro-Peruvian origin. She is also an accomplished performer of the Afro-Peruvian competitive dance form zapateo. Move with us!
    Photo courtesy of Lolo Aguilar

    “El Guerito”, Javier Martinez, polyurethane foam, resin, acrylic paint, oil paint and fabric, 2013

    In the MACLA Gallery: 20th Latino Art Now! Auction and Exhibition
    20th Latino Art Now!: A wonderful array of contemporary Latino art from the Bay Area and beyond. Auction proceeds support MACLA’s programs.

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    On view downstairs: “San Jose A to Z: An Alphabetical Homage to My City” by Leah Stohs

    A collection featuring 26 titled original photos (A to Z) of the street life, events, views, colors, and vibe of the city of San Jose through my lens – 2016 to present

    I moved to San Jose in 1995 as a young musician with a passion for photography. I was a percussionist with the Santa Clara Vanguard, then attended SJSU as a music performance major, and worked as an event planner and manager with many downtown San Jose restaurants and bars… usually always with a camera by my side – photographing, growing, and changing with this city for two decades. I most recently worked as a theater/concert event manager with Team San Jose Theaters, but in 2017 I took the plunge and chose to pursue a full-time photography career as Owl Eye Photos. Since then, I’ve been blessed to have met and photographed many wonderful clients in the Bay Area, as well as worked on various creative projects with local businesses, nonprofits, and charities. My goal as a photographer is to learn from every opportunity and to share the joy, beauty, poignancy, and wonder all around us.

    First Fridays is Caffe Frascati Opera Night presented by First Street Singers, with the Bay Area’s finest opera singers performing your very favorite classical arias and duets live in the cafe! for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk.

  • Phantom Galleries at Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    “Wild Patterns” & “Mogu Mogu Munch Munch” by Harumo Sato

    About Wild Patterns: I have had a strong interest in visual pattern design for as long as I can remember. My parents, who are professional historians, brought me to various ancient ruins around the world to explore. My parents and I visited Japanese, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Phoenician ruins. Each visit has had a lasting impact on me. I remember that, as a child, without any historical knowledge as context, I found the pattern designs of all cultures breathtaking.

    An observer can notice that many patterns in design, artwork, and storytelling traverse multiple cultures, timelines, and contexts over the centuries. For example, artistic tiger patterns became known in Japan during the Heian era and gradually became popular, even though no one in Japan ever saw a tiger with their own eyes. This is because tiger patterns were imported from China and India. Interestingly enough, similar design patterns are created independently throughout history and culture. Flower patterns of Ancient Egyptians and of the French Gothic are remarkably similar, but very far apart both in time and geographic location.

    I believe that patterns come from the unconscious mind that we all share. It is for this reason, I choose to study them through my work.This is a show to celebrate our unconscious connection and vitalize the beauty of patterns.

    About Mogu Mogu Munch Munch: These five diptych screen print series are inspired by Japanese creation myth and Modern American/Japanese food system. Compared with the Ancient age, changes to the quality and quantity of flour, meat, vegetables, fish, and clams (seafood) are captured through the body of the Japanese food goddess Ogetsuhime. According to the Kojiki or “Records of Ancient Matters,” Ogetsuhime was murdered by the sea god Susano-o when he discovered that she can nourish him with food produced through her orifices. The food was given as a gift from Ogetsuhime, but we seem to forget appreciation toward food and nature. This series questions our current relationship with our food by comparing prehistoric food life and modern food life. This series was exhibited twice in New York.

    Harumo Sato is a California based Japanese visual artist, illustrator, and storyteller. In her art practice, she uses various patterns and colors to create visual pleasure and vivacious energy with the combination of screen prints, Japanese watercolor, sumi ink, and acrylic.

    Exhibition produced by Phantom Galleries guest curator Robert Ragazza.

  • Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map

    “Sticks And Stones” by Phillip Priolo

    The show is a blend of art mediums. The hiking staffs are works of art in that there is beauty in the discarded. Taking things that are left to rot can become something useful and beautiful with just a little touch up, and all it takes is a short pause to see it. The art isn’t all me. I just use what I find and tweak it. “Art” is subjective and it doesn’t have to require years of practice to create. Sometimes it’s just something to do to kill time. Bonus: these dead sticks are helpful when hiking around the trails. The photos share the same philosophy. I’m fascinated with the textures in nature, and I can’t help but pause to soak in the details of what may be right at my feet. Also, as a climber it’s great to show off the cool places this activity brings us to.

  • SAVE THE DATE: 11th Annual SubZERO Festival June 1st & 2nd, 6pm–midinight.

    Focused on emerging and present subcultures thriving in our region; the SubZERO Festival is a DIY, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.

    Come downtown on June 1st & 2nd to San Jose’s SoFA District from 6pm ’til midnight for an inspired evening of arts & culture. In addition to the South FIRST FRIDAYS monthly art walk you’ll find outdoor stages of entertainment plus artists, performers & musicians all celebrating the indie creative spirit!