October 5, 2018 — South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk + STREET MRKT

South FIRST FRIDAYS presents ArtwalkSJ & STREET MRKT

First Friday, October 5 from 7–11pm
SoFA District (& beyond) downtown San Jose
RSVP on our event page here.

The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is a self-guided, nighttime tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances. STREET MRKT is an urban faire featuring over 50 artists, music, food trucks and beer garden out on the streets of SoFA District.

All Art Walk venues & STREET MRKT are FREE admission & great for all ages.


  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    On view in galleryONE: “Multiverses” by Fernando Chamarelli (Brazil).

    Fernando Chamarelli returns to Anno Domini with a second solo exhibition strongly inspired by quantum mechanics and multiverses. In this body of work are characters from ancient civilizations in contact with cosmic beings from other galaxies and from another time….a parallel universe to be explored.

    Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. For years Chamarelli explored several techniques and styles of art inspired by his interest in cartoons, caricatures, realistic portraits and later street art and tattoos; Chamarelli ultimately found his unique voice and signature style that is immediately recognizable whether on canvas or out on the street.

    On view in galleryTWO: “In Borges’ Labyrinths” by Denis Korkh (San Jose, CA)

    Denis Korkh (b. 1986, Ukraine) is a painter of philosophies. His imagery holds cryptic keys to personal truths that viewers may find fantastical, surreal or disturbing. In this way, he is a perfect translator of the brilliant short stories encapsulated in “Labyrinths” by Jorge Luis Borges.

    Korkh’s “In Borges’ Labyrinths” paintings are a visual feast true to the magical-realism of Borges’ tales; so much so that Borges’ words are not replaced by these representations, they have moved from the imagined into a tangible reality by way of Korkh’s attention and expression of them.
    ~Anno Domini

    Join us in the gallery for complimentary crystal sound bowl sessions throughout the evening (7:30pm–10pm) by Jessica Neideffer of Agada Energy Healing.

  •  Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    On view: “Discessio” by Lewis deSoto

    This immersive installation is an examination of metaphors of wandering, of dispersal, separation from the familiar, of being lost and found. The notion of “being at sea” is the main theme that illustrates this notion of migrating into the unknown.

  • Gallery Suha Suha – 45 E. Williams St. map

    Opening Reception: “Mismeasured” by Jinkee Choi

    Jinkee Choi: A Modern Idyll

    Everyday mirage crawls its way into the works of Jinkee Choi, a Soechun, Korea -born, New York-based sculpture artist. Choi responds to the Heideggerian call to overcome metaphysics through his stark juxtaposition of the material with the notional. His objects come to us both as physical presence–extensions in space–and as abstract essences–their dimensionality. Focus on the contours of his objects, and you’ll see shapes of flora and fauna readily recognizable to us. Take a step back, and you’ll see them quantified–again, in familiar units and figures. Alternating between the two focal points raises the specter of Plato and his primordial cave. A litmus test for the modern human, Choi’s double-speak exposes how our everyday perception, our unconscious engagement with the world, hews to just one way of relating to it. Choi accomplishes it with unassuming lines and euphemistic flair that is subtly humorous, not at all pedantic or kitschy.

  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 So. Market St. map

    Look for HigherFire Clayspace booth out at STREET MRKT with amazing ceramic work for sale.

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    KALEID Gallery is proud to present two main gallery feature exhibitions by resident artists painter Julie Barrett and ceramicist Andrew Irvine.

    Opening reception: “The Human Condition: the State of Being Human” new works by Julie Barrett

    I love art. I love the idea of being able to communicate with a primal language; searching for the meaning of being human. Why are we aware–acutely aware–of our own mortality? The conundrum of knowing you will die, and not knowing why you are here; this is the human condition. ~artist Julie Barrett

    On view: “Quantum Foundations” by Andrew Irvine

    Andrew Irvine is a ceramic artist, chemist and professional science educator who is inspired by the intersection of science and art. In “Quantum Foundations”, he showcases his recent experiments with lustre glaze techniques on wall sculpture forms inspired by the mysteries of modern physics. Each piece represents a concept from the development of science in the last century, a journey that has led humanity to the fringes of reality, existence and space-time. The refractive and reflective qualities of lustre glaze colors compliment this inspiration and come from metallic nano-layer deposited on the glaze surface, resulting in vibrant, elusive, otherworldly colors that burst to life when viewed in different light sources. These glazes requires expensive and exotic materials including compounds of bismuth, silver, neodymium, holmium, erbium and actual gold metal. These “glaze paintings” are truly emblematic of the modern evolution of ceramic art crossing over into the worlds of chemistry, material science and conceptual physics.

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    In the DMC Studio at MACLA: Youth Showcase & Open Mic, 5:30-7pm

    DMC Studio will be hosting a youth gallery art show this month. Come to see photography and zines created work by the DMC Studio Youth. Youth Showcase & Open Mic, 5:30-7pm

    Come kick it with us for our young community’s monthly Youth Open Mic and Art Showcase! We welcome all MC’s, Spoken-word Artists/Poets, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, and all performers.

    Enjoy live music, spoken word, an MC cypher, a showcase of downtown San Jose, CA photography and watch the public premiere of youth short films.

    Must be ages 13-20 to perform in the Open Mic. Sign up list opens at 5:30 pm; open Mic/Poetry Slam from 6–7pm. Each performer will be allowed to perform 2-3 pieces OR a 5 minute set.

    In the MACLA Gallery:

    Carlos Rolón | Classic Tracks: Migrating Rhythms. A celebration of migration and the music of cultures that make up the Bay Area.

    Pictured art work: Carlos Rolón, “The History of Salsa,” 2018. Collection of Fania Record Covers with Custom MDF frame

    In the Castellano Playhouse: DJ Mare.e.Fresh 8-10pm

    Mare.e.Fresh is a DJ/producer based out of San José who combines a mix of cumbia/hiphop/reggaeton/and the occasional banda to create a blend of music aimed at making people dance. Her DJing is centered around taking up and harvesting space in which people can have fun and dance in through music. She has opened up for artists such as Mala Rodriguez, Chicano Batman, El Dusty, Zion I, Red Store Bums, and Sister Mantos. Move with us!

  • PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

    On view: “Read Life Between the Lines” by Zuzanna Perkowska

    Abstract paintings have always fascinated me. The lines, colors, textures and different shapes I paint together make me feel completely different every time I paint. The act of painting makes me stay in the present moment for just a bit longer than I normally would. Painting is a form of active meditation where I free my mind and fuel the momentum and most importantly it’s where I can read life between the lines and enjoy every minute to the fullest!

    Zuzanna was born in Poland, in 1979 and found her true love of painting at a very early age under her grandfather’s watchful eye who was an artist himself. As Zuzanna grew, both her skills and her passion for painting became even stronger. She opted to continue learning more about art as a discipline as well as hone and refine her skills by doing five years of study at PLSP (a renowned art school in Eastern Europe) in Suprasl, Poland.

    Today, Zuzanna has an obsession with painting abstracts because they allow her to express many thoughts and feelings about life and the world. Zuzanna also has a strong affinity and love of animals which began with her grandfather and horses but also extends to cats, dogs and birds (all of which are currently an active part of her life). As a result of her connection with animals, she paints pet portraits but in a way that captures the soul of her subject. The final area of focus and expression for zuzanna in her art are landscapes. Landscapes can evoke as many feelings as abstract paintings can and Zuzanna allows the subject of her landscapes to really speak to her which comes through in the beautiful images she creates.

    All of the varied types of art Zuzanna creates are accomplished using many different styles and various mediums. Utilizing acrylics, oil paints, pastels, gold leafing, pen and ink, and resin all to great effect, she creates art that is both unique and eloquent. Zuzanna works with interior designers to help make someone’s space truly special as well as individuals who are looking for a special painting commissioned uniquely for them.

  • Phantom Galleries at Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: “Out of the Darkness” by Wisper

    The series of pieces that were created for this show are direct manifestations of a former dark and destructive lifestyle. Many of the creations come straight forth out of the darkness of the heart. However dark the pieces may be, they were created to evoke hope. That if a person can endure the darkest of situations, then so can others. When we choose to not let our circumstances and situations make our choices for us we can overcome the darkness. For even in the darkness the light shines. All of the pieces that are depicted in this series are a culmination of my life experiences done in a variety of mediums, from acrylics, oils, ink, and spray paint. Along with a variety of influences from the graffiti culture to comic art, to the prison culture all mixed together to create what the darkness tried to destroy. May you be inspired to face and overcome your own darkness as I did. More importantly may you be a source of light to yourself and for others. – Wisper, the artist.

    This Phantom Galleries exhibition curated by Robert Ragazza.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    On view: “Imprint: time, memory, identity, and place”

    Artists: Mary Ayling, Connie Begg, Carmina Eliason, Sylvia Min, and Lisa Solomon present elegant, highly textured art that establishes identities through displacement and movement in place and time. Curated by Sylvia Min, “ mprint” includes work incorporating stitches in fabric, photographic prints, paintings, sculptures, installations, and residues of performance. This exhibition is Works’ entry in “New Terrains: Mobility & Migration,” a south bay initiative with San José Museum of Art.

    Works also returns to Street Mrkt out on S. 1st St. with the amazing, engaging, and FREE button-making booth!

    Pictured art work: oil on canvas by Sylvia Min.

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: Luchador Series & Dia de los Muertos Pieces by Francisco Ramirez

    Growing up, I used to wrap towels around my neck, pretending that I was a luchador, fighting crime, fighting for justice. Recently, I came upon the image of the Luchador and it reminded me of my childhood and the notion that we all need that hero. I decided to paint the rivals, El Santo and Blue Demon, each heros in their own right.

    Despite my Mexican heritage, I don’t actually like doing Dia de los Muertos pieces; I don’t want to be dishonoring a tradition, so I tend to stay away from those images, I like originality, and I try to bring a unique texture to whatever I do.

    First Fridays is Caffe Frascati Opera Night presented by First Street Singers, with the Bay Area’s finest opera singers performing your very favorite classical arias and duets live in the cafe! for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk.

  • SJSU Muse Night at Hammer Theatre – 101 Paseo de San Antonio map

    SJSU Muse Night

    Stop by our MultiCultural Showcase, hosted and created by our SJSU Students. San Jose State is an extremely diverse community, filled with so many different cultures, and this month we wanted to celebrate that. We’ll be having several student clubs and organizations to either perform, display art, dance and play music- anything representative of the many many cultures that make up not just SJSU culture, but San Jose at large. We’d love to see you there! Culture is a beautiful and vibrant thing, come celebrate that with us this October 5th at the South FIRST FRIAYS Art Walk.

  • Social Policy – 200 South First St. map

    Opening Reception: “Peep Show”

    Artists: Davide Barbato, Lauren Chun, Jemal Diamond, Roya Ebtehaj, Alisha Ellard, Leily Khatibi, Aldo Mora-Reyna, Akemi Natt, Lacey Nein, SineBrave, Tyler Stannard, Xiao Wu

    Peep Show is a group exhibition that explores how we define our relationship with surveillance through traditional and digital mediums.

    DJ Sets by: James tha Butcher, Danuma

    Pictured art work by Leily Khatibi.

  • SoFA Market – 387 So. First St. map

    On view: “Emotional Siezures” by Kristin Fjeldheim

    A selection of new works of abstract expressonism and mixed media artwork inspired by the issues and current discord in the country and world today.

  • Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map

    On view: “Photos from when I was really cold, really scared, and really really happy.” by Lizzi Meyer

    Compilation of 35mm and digital photos from climbing trips over the past few years.

  • South FIRST FRIDAYS presents STREET MRKT, an urban faire in SoFA District
    October’s featured themeNO SOUND EVER DIES
    First Friday, OCTOBER 5th, 7–11pm
    Free admission & great for all ages.
    Find us out on S. 1st St. in the SoFA District (between San Carlos & Reed streets)

    STREET MRKT is an urban faire featuring over 50 artists, plus this month’s special featured theme, “NO SOUND EVER DIES” with special performances related to sound, vibration and resonance.

    “NO SOUND EVER DIES Performances:
    (Parque De Los Pobladores Stage at S. 1st & William streets)
    SCLOrk – the Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra
    Perpendiculous! – creates music using live coding techniques
    Soriah – Tuvan Throat Singing tempered with experimentation

    Out on S. 1st St.
    Lucidbeaming – sound/performance art (
    Photon Salon – viewer engaged sound & visuals installation
    Bill (Dirty Bill) Wiatroski – video media artist
    plus DJ T.Spillman on S. 1st (in front of the California Theater)

    Agada Sound Healing – crystal sound bowl sessions at Anno Domini

    STREET MRKT participating Artists & Indie Creatives:
    Aqua Lab Aquaria, Bay Maples, David Canavesse, Classic Loot, Crossroads Trading Co., The Cube, Current Tattooing, Jacquelin de Leon, Denise Deiloh, Downtown Screen Printers, DX Studios, Lorenz Dumuk, Emonic, Faerie Goatmother, Force 129 + Betty Proper, Gallery SuhaSuha, Philip Gonzales, Cynthia Gonzalez, Hand in Hand Henna, Harmand Goldd, Kyle Harter, Higher Fire Clayspace, Human Specimen, Immortal Organics, Kyoko HIrota & SIilly Friends, Jodi 408, Kathy Kay Shirts, Dave Leder, LGBTQ Youth Sapce, Valentino Loyola, Lucidbeaming, Julie Meridian, Sean Levon Nash, Petite Galleria, Photon Salon, Al Preciado, SLG Publishing, Francisco Ramirez , Redeem Dream, Marilyn Roaf, Jhovany Rodriguez De Ala, Roberto Romo, Harumo Sato, Sea Senorita Studios, The Shop.build, SJ Poetry Center, SJSU BFA Graphic Design, SLG Publishing, Tochtli Wear, Works San Jose & Zonkey.

    STREET MRKT Beer Garden sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Co. featuring selections from regional breweries curated by our friends at Good Karma Artisan Ales & Cafe.

    Delicious Food Trucks: Chef Dreams, Creative Sips, Quick Dogs, The Rolling Dough, Takoz Mod Mex and Twisted Chill