NOVEMBER 2020 — In-Person and Online Art Exhibits & Happenings

The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions. In the meantime we would like to share some in-person and online exhibitions and cultural happenings that you can attend and or view. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you downtown. Stay healthy, happy and strong and keep an eye out here as our culture finds new and creative ways to help keep us all inspired.


Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

Walk the Dog by Bohdan Borenko (Ukraine)

MMXX Anno Domini 20th Anniversary Exhibition (featuring artists from 2011–2020)

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design celebrates 20 years of street art, subculture, and art as activism exhibitions by visionary artists at the forefront of our current urban contemporary art movement.

Our curatorial vision was one of independence and rebellion and the art work that moves us the most comes from those same principles although in extremely diverse forms of it. Painters, illustrators, tattoo artists, woodcarvers, low-rider bike makers, sign painters, tech artists, spoken word poets, performance artists, live loopers and musicians make up our family tree and legacy. 

The thread that binds us all is our hope that those that experience the work by these artists will find a truth and beauty in these images & performances of not only what is, but perhaps more importantly, what can be.

We are truly honored to have worked with these artists and the hyper-local to global community of admirers and collectors we’ve met along the way. We look forward to the next 20 years with you all.The “Second Decade” anniversary group exhibition features a selection of artists from our 2011–2020 exhibition program.

Brett Amory (US), Bohdan Burenko (Ukraine), Jennifer Caviola (US), Isaac Cordial (Belgium), Ken Davis (US), Bill Dunlap (US), Dale Collins DvNM (Ireland), Mike Egan  (US), Charles Glaubitz (Mexico), Leon Ka (Spain), Klone (Israel), Bill Koeb (US), Denis Korkh (US), Joe Kowalczyk  (US), Travis Lawrence (US), Bortusk Leer (Netherlands), Joseph Loughborough (England), Jeremiah Maddock (US), Yasushi Matsui (US), Monkey Bird (France), Poesia (US), Faring Purth (US), Jhovany Rodriguez De Ala (US), William Schaff (US), Jai Tanju (US), Marco Toxico (Mexico), Various & Gould (Germany), Sergei Vutuc (Bosnia), Derek Weisberg (US), Yeska (Mexico), Zero Cents (US), Zezao (Brazil)

Exhibition dates: November 6–December 12, 2020
Gallery hours: Fridays 5–9pm, Saturdays Noon–5pm and by appointment. To request an appointment, please email:

Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

Sequestering group exhibition

The year 2020 has turned into a sequestering time for all. Many people feel isolated and alone since the start of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent quarantine, with many people working from home and using technology to stay in contact with fellow humans. It is easy to see how this time has become one of seclusion. 

The Artists in Sequestering have spent this time creating works of art that reflect this historical moment. With a wide array of mediums, the artists in Sequestering try to make sense of the new uncertain world that we find ourselves. This show is working with themes of anxiety, attempts at finding peace, restlessness, confinement, connection to others, and love. The Artists in this show strive to chronicle the meditations of the sequestered existence that has become 2020.

Participating Artists: Kelcey BauerJohn ContrerasMiguel EspinosaIan Fabre Michelle FreyMonica GalvanOmar HerbJames Jenkins Josie LepeFelix Quintana Nina UlettMonica Valdez Shwu Hwa Yang
Exhibition dates: November 6th-December 5th.

KALEID gallery – 320 South First St. map

KALEID is proud to present two new feature exhibitions by resident artists Patrick Hobbie, and Brittni Pau for the month of November.

“Sentience” feature exhibition by resident artist Patrick Hobbie

“Sentience” is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively.
This definition goes hand in hand with something I’ve always considered to be a cornerstone of my work: To recreate energy in nature so that the viewer may connect on a deeper level. The sentience in these works not only exist in the animal subjects but are meant to be experienced by the viewer as well. This feeling of subjective perceptual experiences is the purpose of these works.
Patrick Hobbie’s art is influenced by the light and dark. Form in chaos. Strength in vulnerability. This self-taught artist has no formal training but grew up in an artistic home. His mother, a painter, and his father, a professional photographer, taught him at an early age the techniques of their trades. Creativity was commonplace in his childhood and has been an ever present force that drives everything he does. 

Hobbie aims to capture the power of an animal, and the energy that surrounds it. While he paints, he thinks of the impression of his subject’s form and the life-force that drives it, resulting in an image that becomes alive and demands attention. 

Hobbie believes art is “anything that makes you feel something and that it can inspire and maybe make our lives a little more beautiful.” He hopes to evoke these emotions with his art. 

Patrick Hobbie currently lives and works in Mountain View, CA
Opening reception with artist in attendance: First Friday November 6th 5–9pm

“Shelter” feature exhibition by resident artist Brittni Paul

Shelter: to protect oneself from something harmful, like bad weather. This title was initially given to a piece I completed in October 2019 to describe a mother Pangolin protecting herself and her child in the shelter of a hollow tree trunk. This piece is meant to capture a moment in time where mother and baby are safe in their shelter, much like how we humans shelter-in-place with our loved ones. This exhibition focuses on endangered species sheltered in their homes, weathering out the storm that is extinction. As we sit in our homes contemplating a new way of life, let’s implement eco-friendly habits to protect what’s left of this earthly speck. What better time than now?

Brittni Paul is an environmental activist, mix-media illustrator and muralist of flora, fauna and magic! Magic is described as the unexplained bits that make up the mysteries of the world. We all have separate goals, destinations and independent minds, with one thing in common, the desire to love. Brittni feels that we are stronger when we lean on one another for strength, unity and community. Many things can divide us, but we are better together. She hopes that her art can unify us in an effort to love and care for earthly flora & fauna. While inspiring others to also implement eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. 

Exhibition dates: November 6–27, 2020
Opening reception with artists in attendance: First Friday,
November 6th 5–9pm.

We have strict safety protocols including social distancing and masks required at all times in the gallery.

KALEID is open for viewing these feature exhibits (and 60 other resident artists on view) Fridays 5–9pm, Saturdays Noon–5pm and by appointment. Free admission.

To request an appointment, please email:

Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

Disxiple, because, i am human

One night window installation and ongoing online exhibit

On First Friday November 6th Works presents a window video and projection installation from the online exhibition “For Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor…” which invited artists to commemorate Black lives lost and search ourselves and our society for justice and change. Launched on Junteenth of this year and continuing to accept submissions, this exhibition is the result of an open call for local artists to respond to the killings of Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor, and so many others. 

Installation begins 7pm and is for this night only. The online exhibit will remain indefinitely.

See and hear the exhibit, with original song by asprinrose, at


San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map

Saturday, Nov 7th 11am – 12pm PST

Looking for something to do with a family member? Want to teach someone you love how to sew something practical? (VIRTUALLY, of course!) Feeling like you need some social interaction, in a safe way?

Join the community of San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles for this fun workshop. Join us this Saturday for a sewing class led by New York-based artist Mahdiyyah Muhammad! This is a beginner-friendly, hand-stitching workshop creating a simple tote bag.

Register here:

More information and links to programming can be found at

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