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March 6, 2020—South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk

South FIRST FRIDAYS presents ArtwalkSJ
First Friday, March 6th from 7–11pm
SoFA District (& beyond) downtown San Jose
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The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is a self-guided, nighttime tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances.

All Art Walk venues are FREE admission & great for all ages.


Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

On view: SKRAPS by Yasushi Matsui 

“SKRAPS” is a print collection of sketches by Yasushi Matsui from his travels through the San Francisco Bay Area, Humboldt, Clear Lake, Tahoe, Yosemite, East Sierra, Los Angeles, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, Hawaii, US Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, Nevis, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and his home country of Japan. 

Since 2016 Matsui has documented his daily life with ink and watercolor on scrap paper found along the way and bound in hand-made sketch books. In keeping with DIY Zine culture, these original drawings are scanned and printed with a home printer on hand-crafted Japanese Washi paper (a process Matsui learned under the tutelage of Chuji Ooshiro, an elder master papermaker in the Atago region of Tenryu, Shizuoka). 

The illustrated recollections of Matsui’s journey is a singular print edition, placed within hand picked thrift store frames and presented as an iconic Zine that transcends chronological time and cultural geography giving us an incredible overview of experiences the artist chooses as noteworthy enough to document for posterity.

Yasushi Matsui (b. 1982)) is a painter based in Oakland, California. He has been honing his skills in drawing and painting over the past two decades through live painting at events and festivals, murals, commissioned illustrations, and collaborating with a variety of artists and fashion brands. 

SKRAPS at Anno Domini is Matsui’s debut gallery solo exhibition.

Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

Opening reception: Cultures In Transition: Spirit – Heart – Soul by Oliver Klink

Internationally acclaimed photography exhibition that has traveled around the US, France, Switzerland and Argentina. Forty gorgeous photographs and the premiere of the trailer for “The Soul of the Burkitshi” will be on view.

FUSE presents at the Citadel Art Gallery- 199 Martha St. map

Opening reception: FUSE presents Sightwise – Visions of the Human Experience featuring artists Lucidbeaming and Jason Morning Star.

Citadel artists Lucidbeaming and Jason Morning Star along with 20+ supporting artists will be exhibiting an eclectic collection using sight and sound.

Gallery Suha Suha – 45 E. Williams St. map

On view: Technology 2020 ( Young Artists showcase)

How does a generation raised by technology understand it? “Technology” features the works of 6th-12th graders growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley. Reporting from the epicenter of the world’s tech industry, young student artists use abstract images and graphic design to express their own relationships to this endlessly provocative force. A wide range of ideas are united by the artists’ unadulterated sincerity. Encompassing technology’s playfulness, creativity and convenience, along with its sad and troublesome aspects, the heirs of today’s breakthroughs show us imaginative glimpses into tomorrow–the direction, questions, hopes, and challenges of human lives increasingly intertwined with technology. 

Featuring artists: Giwoo Kim / Ryan Chen / Jun Hee Won / Hyoyeol Song / Chloe Eugene Jo Beomhee Kim / Yoomin Shin / Jonathan Lee / Seo Young Bae / William Kim Chanhee Park / Kyeongwon Lee/ Channie Hong / Jason Choi / Emily Leong Natalie Tayler / Sarah Park / Hope Wu / Alex Hwang / Iris Tsai / Gayeong Song Aaron Lin / Josiah Kim / Teresa Tao / Seohee Choi/ Angelita Marcelino / Tebin Kim /Makaila Kim/ Charmaine Zingmen Ho / Wonyoung Do / Anna Kim / Noah Kang / Joy Kim / Amy Koski / Ryuha Kim / Claire J Lee / Ryan D Park / Abigail Kim /Rina Kim /Jun Seo Oh / Daniel Myoung / Seah Hong / Hannah Shaw / Solomon Chang /Ian Choe / Catherine Funtu / Jayden Ham / Yijin Chong / Grace Kim / David Kim/ Hyunhwa Jung / Elizabeth Kim / Sara Farrer/ Cailyn Park / Allison Marcelino / Ellia Kim / Aaron Minseung Kang / Katherine Kim / Daniel Lee / Choeon Kim /Yeaseo Jeong / Joyce Jung / Christine Cho

Exhibition text by Giwoo Kim.

KALEID gallery – 320 South First St. map

KALEID Gallery is proud to present two new featured exhibitions by resident artists Gianfranco Paolozzi, and Zack Salerno, live painting by Cinequest Film Festival Live Painters Jennifer Carrier, Brittni Paul, and Bryson Bost plus a video installation by Dean Levita in our project room. 

Artist reception: We had rain, sun, and clouds.  recent Journals by Gianfranco Paolozzi 

A few years ago Paolozzi officially switched the titles of all his art pieces–past and present–to “Journals” because they are forever evolving until they are sold (unsold works go back to the studio where they continue to be added to, or edited). For the past three years he has continued to be prolific with his “Journals” series; this exhibition features the latest iterations of his work. 

Gianfranco was born in a small Italian village in 1952. He has always been an artist and musician; he remembers drawing and creating art from as early as preschool and received his prized accordion at the age of 9 which he continues to play while performing with his Paolozzi Tango Trio. Gianfranco has exhibited his work widely throughout the area including a 40 year retrospective exhibit in 2017.

Artist reception: Supernova a new series of paintings by Zack Salerno

Zack Salerno quit his commercial real estate job in November of 2017 to take a three month break to work on his longtime passion for art and reassess his career. The break turned into two years.

Supernova tells the story of him coming to the decision to quit his job and how he put the pieces of his life back together. The series of acrylic paintings is composed of portraits, nebulae, geometric patterns and skulls. They attempt to answer questions planted in his head by tucked-in dress shirts, data stewarding, felt cubicle walls, “Can you mute, please?”, consultant syncs, team huddles, “happy” hours, Lenovo laptops and pings on Skype:

What would happen if he set fire to his corporate safety net?

What would happen if he went Supernova?

(clockwise): Jennifer Carrier, Brittni Paul, Bryson Bost

Cinequest Film Festival + Phantom Galleries LIVE ART CONTEST 

Four fantastic artists including KALEID resident artists Jennifer Carrier, Brittni Paul and Bryson Bost, are painting live during the festival to this year’s Cinequest theme: Elation.

Come by KALEID during Art Walk SJ to witness their creations coming to life and vote for your favorite. When the paintings are finished they will all be on display in the California Theater Lobby for the remainder of Cinequest and presented on stage during the closing night event. 

PHASES video installation by Dean Levita

Dean Levita’s installation “Phases” is a non-narrative film that is experimental in form. During a gathering in San Francisco, a group of individuals share their creativity/practices. Levita filmed participants with no directions. The effects of grouping and mirroring became ways of self-reflection. Another layer is added when viewers associate and adopt their own opinion to the subject matter. The result is a film that focuses on the constant changes on how we view our own identity and that of others. 

Dean Levita’s work is guided largely by intuition and by finding a sublime through the repetition of shapes and colors in a deceptively simple way. Despite–or precisely because of–their simplicity, Levita’s paintings, installations, and photography embody a bright optimism seemingly executed with the brevity that inspires prolonged contemplation from the viewers.

MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map


Phantom Galleries at Culinary Corner Bistro – 321 South First St. map

On view: Above and Beyond by Donna Orme

I allow obscure thoughts and feelings to emerge into forms which are then expressed in art pieces. My daily practice revolves around creating mixed media, oil and cold wax, acrylic and printmaking (monotype, monoprint, collagraph and lithography) artworks. The images incorporate an interplay of space, color, circles and lines. Being in my imagination allows me to think freely.

The composition of my work is contemporary in feeling. Producing non-objective art requires that one be articulate about the simplicity or complexity of line. My art is playful and has a sense of rhythm and energy that is design oriented. The finished product is a spontaneous expression of thought and emotion. At the end of a workday, I find myself in a state of warm tranquility. The images reflect emotions or thoughts from the day they were created. These works invite the viewer to create his or her own interpretation of the artwork. 

Donna Orme is an experimental artist. She produces acrylic monotypes from clearbag plates without the use of a press. Collages and mixed media artworks are made from acrylic skins. She works from vaguely felt thoughts and feelings that are expressed in the colors and forms which emerge through her art. Eye-catching images have a sense of movement and spontaneity making them playful, lively and energetic.

Ms. Orme studied printmaking at the College of San Mateo, CA and at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, CA. She has received many national, state and local awards, is a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and her work was selected by VISA for the 2007 Wall Calendar. Her work appears in the California Society of Printmakers One Hundred Years 1913-2013.

Curated by Robert Ragazza.

PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

On view: Cats of Virtue by Patrick Hobbie

The show is a reflection of our human condition and the internal struggles of morality and vice told though the eyes of the beloved and noble cat. 

In his ink and watercolor work, Hobbie aims to capture the power of an animal and the energy that surrounds it. While he paints, he thinks of the impression of his subject’s form and the life-force that drives it, resulting in an image that becomes alive and demands attention. 

*New venue…

PhantomGalleries at Pizza Flora – 78 S 1st St. map

On view: Aether by Emonic 

Aether is a retrospective of work over the past few years combining illustrated subjects with elements of design and color to work as single pieces. 

Emonic is a self taught illustration artist based in the Bay Area. He holds an A.S. in Multi-Media but prefers ink, paint, and watercolors as his main mediums of choice. His subject matter combines a mixture of elements of the real and surreal. 

*New venue…

San Jose Jazz – 300 South First St. map

Youth Jazz Jam with House Band made up of members of the SJZ High School All Stars

At San Jose Jazz HQ on the corner of San Carlos and First Streets, check out our youth jazz jam anchored by members of our honors ensemble, the High School All Stars. Bring your instrument and join in the fun, or pop in anytime between 7:30 and 9pm to hear some great live music. 

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St. map


Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

Artwork by Ruthie K Yamada

On view: Foresight:2020

What do artists imagine now that we’re in this futuristic-sounding year? Are there new imagined futures? Retro-futures? Hopes or laments for the present day and beyond? “Space: 1999,” “2001: a space odyssey,” and “Bladerunner” set in 2019, are among many visually influential TV and films that put 2020 far into fantastic futures. Local artists responded in a wide range of media to these and other temporal quandaries with 200 works of art.

Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

Downstairs Gallery
On view: Interplay of Wood, Water and Wind
by Yao-Pi Hsu

I worked in the biosciences field as a research scientist for over thirty years. Test tubes and centrifuge were the center of my daily life until one fateful trip to China. Since I left China, my home land more than forty years ago, I returned in 1996 with my family to find our roots. The Yellow Mountains (Huang-Shan) of China have long been a source of inspiration for Chinese artists. Often shrouded in fog and clouds, the mountain peaks revealed themselves to me at just the right moment. Upon returning to the United States I realized that I had two award-winning photographs. This ultimately led me to a new career path and added another dimension to my life.

Since then, I have continued to pursue my interest in photography. Art and science each take a turn in how I understand the world around me. As a fine art photographer I apply the same principles I used in scientific research: search and research, examine and reexamine, and explore concepts from different perspective. I explore the world around me, as I look for reflection, angles , colors, forms or perspectives that represents how diverse and abundant the world expresses its various forms and beauties. I delight in capturing the extraordinary beauty of an ordinary subject and in creating something new that is already there. I hope to capture those moments that reveal truth and understanding. I take my camera with me so I can share what I find with you.

Upstairs Gallery
On view: Snapshots by Raquel Navas

We create memories by correlating a moment, idea or a visual with an emotion. The first thing that we notice about an individual, are their looks. Visual beauty always strikes our attention, intoxicates our emotions as it moves, inspires, and can make us irrational enough to fall in love. Our memories are triggered by simple moments that take us back to that feeling we once had and as time goes on, we reminisce and beg to be taken back to those times. My photos are inspired of love at first sight experiences and how the simplistic measure of things can create a profound memory in our lives. Down to the simplest thing can imbed a beautiful memory. Memories of meeting intimidating strangers that have now become my closest companions to trying to take in every day views walking to work.

Raquel Navas is a 21 year old student at San Jose State University. She was born and raised in Richmond California and has been photographing since 2019. Her choice of camera is a vintage Minolta film camera, gifted to her by her friend, and 35mm film on fiber paper. Life and the simple things in life inspire her as she takes photos of her friends and places she has been. As a new photographer, she carries her camera everywhere with her, so she doesn’t miss a moment.

Join us for another great Opera Night at Caffe Frascati!

In honor of the Cinequest Film Festival, we’ll feature arias featured in movies or from operas that were also movies. Arias, duets, and ensembles from your favorite operas, free to the public! 

As always, performing in conjunction with South First Fridays in the SoFA district of downtown San Jose.

SJSU Muse Night at Hammer Theatre – 101 Paseo de San Antonio map

Muse Student Film Fest

Stop by the Hammer on your way to S. First Street to see an electric mix of short films from SJSU’s talented filmmakers. Featuring shorts from SJSU’s award winning animators as well as live action films created from all around campus.

SoFA Market – 387 So. First St. map

On view: Beneath The Surface by David “Doc” Roseblade 

This a collection of past works from different time periods in the artists life, based around his roots in graffiti and illustration, a love for music, and inspiration from family and friends.

Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map

Opening reception: Explore Your Surroundings by Robel Fessehatzion 
Explore Your Surroundings is a collection of adventure photographs by Robel Fessehatzion. His photography journey began in 2003 when he decided to use photography as a method to share his experiences in the outdoors. Since taking his earliest photos, he has learned and developed his ability to communicate a visionary imagery style that is demonstrated in his photos today. His visionary style has been used to create stunning images of landscapes, wildlife and cityscapes. His goal is to give you a glimpse into how beautiful our world is through his lens, and inspire you to explore your surroundings.

Robel currently lives in the Bay Area, and has spent most of his life in northern California. 

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The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is produced by Two Fish Design in partnership with the participating art organizations and independent businesses.