An eclectic evening of Arts & Culture in downtown San Jose's SoFA district (and beyond) every First Friday of the month
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  • September 1, 2017 — South FIRST FRIDAYS presents ArtwalkSJ & STREET MRKT

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    JOIN US for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk & STREET MRKT
    First Friday SEPTEMBER 1st from 7–11pm
    SoFA District (& beyond) downtown San Jose

    The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is a self-guided, nighttime tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances.

    STREET MRKT is a hyperlocal urban faire featuring 40+ artists, creative vendors and music out on South First Street (between San Carlos and William St) in the SoFA District.

    All ArtwalkSJ venues and the STREET MRKT are FREE admission & open to the public.


    • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

      Artist’s reception galleryTWO:
      A Planetary Profile by Zero Cents (Tel Aviv, Israel)

      Zero Cents presents a sampling of the peoples and landscapes of this strange little ball of rock and water we call Earth. Through multiple series of oil paintings on canvas and wood panels he depicts a warped range of life on our plant. From brutal butchers to noble builders, and from barren deserts to lush forests, there are so many different kinds of life inhabiting this beautiful living rock; all playing a role in the characteristics and energy of the planet. Big or small, complex or simple, no matter how different life on this planet is; we are here together spinning 460 meters per second. We are all a part of this magnificent organism, our planetary body. We feel its energy and we live from it.

      In a way we are like our own microbiota or gut flora, the thousands of bacteria types and hundreds of species that live inside of our bodies. Strange simple microbial life like Firmicutes which are extremely strong and very good at surviving extreme environments; or Cyanobacteria which are amazing at producing and releasing oxygen–so much that as a result the brought the Anaerobic life forms to near extinction, a genocide of sorts. All these bacteria have many different behaviors and characteristics all affecting us in one way or another–some of these life forms can have a profound effect on us and how we function as humans. They can control different cravings we have for food also how we feel and how we behave. This is much like our own species and how we have changed and will continue to change behaviors and characteristics our world. These microbial life forms are all tied together even though they our hundreds of species behaving as they will some affecting our bodies in positive and some negative. Regardless of actions or behavior they are all bound to one another. They share a world.

      On view galleryONE:
      ASARO Collective (Oaxaca, Mexico)

      Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design is proud to present an exhibit by the courageously vocal Asamblea de Artistas Revolucionarios de Oaxaca (ASARO).

      ASARO seeks to create awareness and generate ideas that help consolidate a contemporary ideology current, centered on humanistic values, in order to break the schemes imposed by the system and to generate a society free of alienation through revolutionary art.

      Creative capacity is a strategy that historically has been used by the town of Oaxaca to survive and be revitalized. The Asemblea de Artistas Revolucionarios de Oaxaca (ASARO) arises from the need to reject and transcend authoritarian forms of power and institutional culture that has been characterized as discriminatory and dehumanizing, seeking to impose a single version of reality and a morality based on simulacrum.

      Against the government’s irrationality of holding itself in power, ASARO seeks to create images that synthesize the critical force that is born from the neighborhoods, the people and the youth.

      We believe that public art (various artistic disciplines) is a form of communication that allows dialogue with all sectors of society, and makes possible the visualization of the real conditions of existence, norms and contradictions of the society we live in.

      We take the form of assembly because we believe in the possibility of recovery of the community with the power of art, and because the assembly is the form in which the people come together and make decisions on collective interests. ~ ASARO

    •  Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

      Vision and Voice: Reflections of Immigrant Artists in California

      Featuring: Guillermo Galindo, Pantea Karimi, Jung Ran Bae, Anna Larina, Takeshi Moro, Xiaoze Xie

      Art Ark is pleased to share the work six incredible artists who have immigrated to California from different countries some near, some far. An audio station will accompany the art. Audio tracks created from conversations with each artist will play, sharing personal stories, illuminating their art practices and immigration experiences.

    • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

      Artist’s reception: PARADIGM SHIFT new paintings by Steven Michael Borelli

      New works created in a host of media during a hyperactive hallucinogenic fever dream of creativity and imagination.

      Steven Borelli has been drawing since he was a fetus. The inside of his mother’s womb is tattooed with the product of his blossoming visions. Today, between fever dreams and feeding his cat, Borelli is still an artist. Doing arty things. For art’s sake.

      Opening reception: From Within new paintings by Nadja

      Painting is relaxing and meditative to me–it calms my mind and is a source of contentment & joy. This work is an expression of this experience and I wish it may spark some of that joy wherever this art will be. ~Nadja Martens

      100% of the artist’s proceeds will be donated to “Classroom of Hope” because supporting 7 children to go through school is fantastic!

    • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

      In the Castellano Playhouse Theater 8-10pm:

      “Entre Son” is a testament to how music brings together people from different cities, different countries, different cultures, specifically through Son Jarocho. Son Jarocho is a traditional genre of music from Veracruz, Mexico with rich rhythms, call and response singing, and handmade, organic instruments, you can feel the history, passion, ans nature that it carries. Alfredo “El Godo” Herrera from Veracruz (MEX), Javier Navarette from the Bay Area (CA), and Monica Fimbrez from the Central Valley (CA) bring their unique personalities and experiences together to create a sound that reflects how diverse and yet so similar and connected humanity really is.
      Image courtesy of Monica Fimbrez

      In the DMC Studio at MACLA 5:30-7pm:
      Join the DMC Studio youth for a monthly slam poetry, live music, and a showcase of downtown San Jose photography. Watch the public premiere of youth short films and view their insightful photography on display throughout the evening! Must be ages 13- 21 to perform in the Open Mic. Sign up list opens at 5:30 pm; open Mic/Poetry Slam from 6–7pm. Each performer will be allowed 2-3 pieces OR a 5 minute set.

      Documentation of Beyond Control (Más Allá del Control), Carolina Caycedo, 2016

      In the Visual Arts Gallery:
      Temperature Check: Body of Evidence

      Artists: Alejandro Durán, Carolina Caycedo, Xavier Cortada, Ana María Guerra, Michelle Murillo

      “What is the conversation about climate change within the Latino community?” From deforestation, flash floods, and droughts, to politics and economics, these artists test the heat of the current conversation around global warming as its evidence continues to pile ever more around the globe.

    • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

      Joseph Delappe, Bierstadt Drone #6, The Last of the Buffalo (video still)

      Making it Works a 40th anniversary exhibition

      Works celebrates 40 years of cutting-edge community art and performance with an exhibit of art from 40 of the scores of artists who have helped to build and shape Works since its inception. In addition to painting, photography, sculpture, and video from these influential artists, there will be photos, announcements, and other artifacts of the six locations and four decades of art and community at, and fostered by, Works/San José.

      After visiting the opening reception, join Works at its free Street MRKT button-making booth to create your own custom wearable art!

    • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

      Guilty Pleasures by Amy Beans
      Everything you wish you could eat without gaining a pound! Feast your eyes on all the glittered guilty pleasures Amy Beans has laid out for you buffet style at Cafe Frascati.

      Reclaimed by Elba Raquel Martinez
      This body of work is part of a series exploring the ties between nature, artist, and colors. Each color symbolizes important events in my life, which coincide with a hair wrap I have been color coding in my own hair for the past four years. As life experiences shape the person, art and color begin to shift for the artist in a transformation of concept and style. The original series titled “Life Strings” keeps expanding with this 13th piece as the reclaiming of this sculptural art form of branches and yarn.

      Elba Raquel was born and raised in San Jose. She graduated in 2005 from Evergreen Valley College with an AS in Design. Immediately following she moved to “The City” to study at the San Francisco Academy of Art University where she graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Illustration. Currently she runs the art department at Latino College Preparatory Academy and is pursuing her Master’s in Art Education at Santa Clara University. She is an active free lance illustrator and exhibiting artist in San Jose. As a 2-D and 3-D artist, Elba Raquel blends both realms in a playful manner. Her Mexican cultural influence reflects in her pieces through rhythm and color into what can be described as “fantastic realism.”

      First Fridays is Caffe Frascati Opera Night presented by First Street Singers, with the Bay Area’s finest opera singers performing your very favorite classical arias and duets live in the cafe! for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk.

    • LGBTQ Youth Space – 452 South First St. map

      We’re participating in the STREET MRKT! Look for our booth in front of our building.

    • Social Policy – 200 South First St. map


      Featuring: Abby Bettencourt, Duncan Cook , Lynn Dau, Steve Davis, Becca Dixon , Christianna Gatherer, Laurel Gaumer, Chris Imai, Meg Moriarty, Elina Peduzzi, Chauncey Rasmussen, and Adon Valenziano

      FORGED. is an all metalsmithing exhibition. A collection of professional local artists all approaching metal in an array of wonderful diversity. Their work is welded, fabricated, casted and formed in some processes that have pretty much stayed the same for centuries.

      Live music at 8pm by: B.Valko, diffusion and Dario Jackson

    • SoFA Market – 387 So. First St. map

      Paintings by Jim Fonseca


    • Phantom Galleries at Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

      Familiar Space…..
      by Marisol Picazo & Robbie Lopez

      Robbie and Mari explore various environments and subjects in their work. Both have acquired a passion for exploring and documenting, utilizing the camera as a tool to engage in visual storytelling. Both of their work is inspired by memories from their past, travels and people they interact with. In this exhibit, Robbie exhibits a selection of works captured on the road within the United States. Mari exhibits selected works of one of her favorites places to shoot, San Francisco. She exhibits selected images of Chinatown and its surrounding areas. Both prefer to shoot with their film cameras because it slows down the process of being present and pushes them to be more selective when it comes to creating an image. All images shot with 120mm and 35mm film.
      Exhibition produced by guest curator Robertino Ragazza.

    • PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

      On view: Structures: Photography by Michael Singer

      Phantom Galleries is proud to present a collection of abstract black & white photographs that explore geometric harmony and architecture. Comparing and contrasting patterns from the natural world with man-made structures, this exhibit presents photographs of world-renowned buildings as well as moments captured during Tanzanian safaris.

      With over 30 years experience as a photographer, Michael Singer is also a furniture designer. His photographs range from the documentary to the interpretive. He frequently strives to illuminate the inherent line, tonality, and rhythm of a scene through the use of black and white presentation. He highlights the graphic nature of images from both the built and natural worlds, often through abstraction.

      Exhibition produced by guest curator Vivian Giourousis.

    • Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map

      Urbanization by Peter Edwards

      This series of mono and relief prints explore the juxtaposition between urbanization and how it affects the natural world. It is a colorful yet dark depiction of the rise or ‘growth’ of the wants and needs of a technologically advancing society and the impact it has on our world.

    • TechShop San Jose – 38 South Second St. map

      “Blue Collar Leisure” by Ryan Carrington

      This show is the culmination of a three-month artist-in-residency where Carrington, who teaches sculpture courses at Santa Clara University, learned how to use the computer controlled machines at the Tech Shop to create a sculptural body of work revolving around the class structure in America, and the shift in public perspective of blue and white collar workers in this country.

    • This nighttime urban faire features 40+ artists, creative vendors and music out on South First Street (between San Carlos and Parque de los Pobladores) in the SoFA District. All art venues and the Street Mrkt are FREE admission & open to the public.

      STREET MRKT Beer Garden sponsored by LAGUNITAS
      STREET MRKT is supported in part by a Cultural Affairs grant from the City of San Jose.

      American Temple
      Bonny and Plume
      Mike Borja
      Keith Bunnell
      David Canavese
      Classic Loot
      Current Tattoo
      Masako Esparragoza
      Lindsey Farrar
      Force 129 & Betty Proper
      Francisco Franco
      Cynthia Gonzalez
      Hand in Hand Henna
      Matthew Heimgartner
      Higher Fire Clayspace
      Human Specimen
      Jodi 408
      Dave Leder
      LGBTQ Youth Space
      The Lola x Kenneth Collaboration
      Nicole Margaret
      Make Me Holey Body Piercing
      Moonshine Rose Trading Co.
      Sean Nash
      Roberto Romo Omicuauhtli
      Ouderspace Boards
      Petite Galleria
      Pharaoh Botanicals
      Al Preciado
      Francisco Ramirez
      San Jose Bicycles
      Mathew Scizluna
      Sea Señorita Studios
      Visual Confections
      WORKS Gallery

      Haptic Synapses
      (S. 1st St. in front of California Theater)

      Sonido Clash in the STREET MRKT Beer Garden
      on S 1st St. btwn San Salvador and William St.

      STREET MRKT Beer Garden sponsored by LAGUNITAS
      (S 1st St. btwn San Salvador and William St.)

      3 Bros Kitchen
      Chef Dreams
      Creative SIPS
      Falafel Fresh
      Rice Rockit
      Takoz Mod Mex
      Twisted Chill

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