NOVEMBER 3, 2017 — South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk

JOIN US for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk
First Friday, NOVEMBER 3rd from 7–11pm
SoFA District (& beyond) downtown San Jose
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The South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk is a self-guided, nighttime tour through galleries, museums, and independent creative businesses featuring eclectic art exhibitions and special performances. All ArtwalkSJ venues are FREE admission & open to the public.


  • Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St. map

    Artist’s Reception galleryTWO: “PILLARS” by Travis Lawrence (St. Louis, MO) solo exhibition

    There are numerous accounts throughout Western traditions heavily referencing the use of pillars to house the Holy or contain hidden knowledge. These tales describe the pillars to be entrances to a temple, or the primary source to uphold it. The traditions speak of wisdom preserved inside these timeless vessels. It was the duty of the seeker to pass through or align with these pillars in order to discover the truth hidden within.

    “Pillars” is the title of an ongoing series of relief prints by Travis Lawrence. Influenced by Jungian psychology and mythology, Travis uses the art of printmaking to create illustrious allegorical imagery. Reinterpreting medieval alchemical illustrations and illuminations, each symbolic print appears to be an excerpt of narration filled with mystery and metaphor. The viewer is invited to explore the content of these pillars through a contemplative interaction with the archetypes.

    Additional pieces included in the exhibition are works that were created during the relative period of time and selections from a prior series entitled “The Vessel.”

    Travis resides in the Midwest where he was born and raised. Having a religious upbringing opened his perspective to the interaction with ideas greater than and/or within oneself. The creative process is an act of opening doorways and manifesting these ideas through symbol and metaphor. Similar to alchemy, Travis uses printmaking as a meditative procedure of transforming the mundane into a higher state.

    Soundscapes by Lucidbeaming (Joshua Curry) will be featured throughout the evening from 7–11pm. Lucidbeaming (Joshua Curry) is a multimedia artist and musician living in San Jose, CA. His work combines found sounds and repurposed technology to create evocative soundscapes. His recent full-length album, Spanner is available at

    “Mystical Amazonia Jaguar” by Bruno 9li, ink on 100% cotton acid free archival paper, 32 x 59 inches

    On view in galleryONE: ‘Night in the Tropics” new drawings by Bruno 9Li (São Paulo, Brazil) solo exhibition

    Bruno 9Li returns to Anno Domini for his third solo exhibition since 2007. Bruno’s new body of work “Night in the Tropics” embody his experiences with MAHKU in the Amazon Rainforest in the form of hyper detailed black and white drawings and accompanied by a soundtrack of native animals and the music of the indigenous people Huni Kuin he recorded during his stay there.

    “Night in the Tropics” by Bruno 9Li

    “Night in the Tropics” is a series of drawings started in an immersive experience in Amazonia with the art indigenous collective MAHKU / Movimento dos Artistas Huni Kuin (Huni Kuin art movement). Night in the Tropics consists of very detailed, intense and sharp line drawings made of black ink on paper. I think that ink drawings have this direct connection between an state of mind and its process. It’s direct, that’s why I decided to dedicate to that language just to give to the drawings as fresh substance as I could. For this series of works I have renounced color as a philosophical act, just to propose a mode in which I could experiment reality considering the simplicity of black and white.

    About the forms represented in my drawings; I aimed a joyful way to deal with Brazilian and amazonian imagery, popular culture and deep experiences with the Huni Kuin myths. The forest, specially through the Huni Kuin lens, is the theme and form the atmosphere for “Night in the Tropics”. The sacred tea Ayahuska (or “Nixi Pãe” in Huni Kuin language) is represented by the many vines that crosses in a wiry way good part of the drawings. I aimed to transmute, in a very personal way, my perceptions of the forest, the way Huni Kuin (the people of the boa constrictor myth) live Amazonia and its enchantments.

    There is a popular, generous and seductive feeling in these drawings, a kind of affective presence. Those animals represented in “Night in the Tropics” impose a personality and also can remind like the first representations of Brazil from the European travelers that painted the Brazilian flora, fauna and culture in the beginning of XIX century (Debret, Taunay and Rugendas), but they come in this very personal form in its comic and mysterious presence. I also aimed to bring different icons of Amazonia/Brazil to pervert them with iconic popular cartoon from North America – there are small “intruders” in most of the drawings – like an ambiguous presence of a deep intricate and very detailed drawings with popular culture.

  •  Art Ark Gallery – 1035 South Sixth St. map

    art work by Valerie Raps

    “More the Merrier”

    Artists: art by moe, Abby Bettencourt, Nancy Brown, Shone Chacko, Dotti Cichon, Steve Clark, Dash Desai, Mario Dimas, Eames Tillson Collaborative, Donna Eck, Alyssa Eustaquio, Roberto Fierro, Cody Garza, Caden Hastings-Dennis, Chris ‘Toaf’ Imai, Joella Kermit, Jonathan Kermit, j.b. lambert, Luna Soul, Anna Maiko, Theresa Merchant, Hayley Montgomery, Avery Palmer, Gianfranco Paolozzi, Elizabeth Patrician, Al Preciado, Quality HDR Photography, Zlata Rabinovich, Sahana Rajmohan, Francisco Ramirez, Valerie Raps, Eugene Reshetov, Bob Rose, Suhita Shirodkar, Bryant Sina, Lexi Snyder, Volga Solak, Suha Suha, Hema Sukumar, Martin Vivanco, Alayne Yellum, Rosa Younessi

    “More the Merrier: is a holiday art sale and exhibition with more than 40 artists selling affordable art! Art varies including jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, painting, photography collage and more! Please join us for food, fun and great sales on local art!

  • KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St. map

    We here at KALEID gallery are very proud to present two new feature exhibitions by gallery resident artists Laurus Myth, and John Eric Paulson for the month of November 2017. Please join us for their opening receptions First Friday Nov. 3rd 7pm–11pm during the South FIRST FRIDAYS ArtWalkSJ.

    Artist’s reception: “Moving Well” by Laurus Myth

    Laurus Myth’s exhibition, “Moving Well,” showcases her new mobile art piece.”Stella” is a mutant vehicle that ignites interaction and aims to collect written wishes from viewers. Inspired by the Thai ritual “spirit houses”, the belief in shooting stars, wishing wells, and Yoko Ono’s wishing tree, Stella’s purpose is to provide safe passage for people and their wishes. Built onto the base of a golf cart, Stella has just returned from her second journey to the Black Rock Desert. Come see Stella, and catch a glimpse of Myth’s new passion to enliven sincere art experiences.

    “My current vision is to create multiple interactive experiences that culminate an invitation to viewer participation. Each modular, mobile, wooden sculpture is simultaneously ritualistic, playful and interactive. Addressing themes of nature, youth, laughter, and memory, these active sculptures tend to pop-up at unexpected venues and public platforms. Bridging public art, installation, and social practice is my way to generate a full faceted experience into conceptual thought.”

    Laurus Myth is a Silicon Valley native of Chinese and Irish descent, her work centers around the re-building of a culture of gifting. In 2010 she served on the Board of Directors at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center for three years. Completing a MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2017, her art practice has evolved to include spatial design, and social practice. She is currently the founder and curator of the Artist in Residence program at TechShop San Francisco.

    Artist’s reception: “Savoring Italy” by John Eric Paulson

    The work of John Eric Paulson, Master Photographer, can best be described as “The Real Is Ideal.” Since 2001 John has been inspired by Italy. The focus of this exhibit will be on his 2017 trip to Tuscany and Umbria. In a world full of unrest, John offers refreshment, delight for the eyes, and a tasting of the magnificent beauty of Italy

  • PhantomGalleries at The Pierce – 2 Pierce Ave. map

    Artist’s reception: “Abstract Drawings” by Jemal Diamond
    with live musical performance by Cellista 8pm–10pm

    A special collection of limited-edition prints by abstract artist Jemal Diamond. The collection, created solely on the Apple iPad, explores the cross section of digital design and traditional mark making, utilizing next-generation drawings tools to create contradictory, layered, abstracted figures and landscapes. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jemal uses a playful, improvisational approach that aims to keep the viewer’s joyful engagement while introducing a wide-range of darker graphic indicators and visual cues.

    All of Jemal’s artwork is titled by outside observers. Individual pieces may have several titles depending on how many people have contributed. Each title offered is collected and documented over time. Asking the viewer to title the artwork engages their personal interpretation and activates their imagination. It bridges an intimate connection between the artwork and the spectator. It also allows each person to take ownership of the artwork by giving it a title. The artwork becomes a community entity. You will have the opportunity to title Jemal Diamond’s work in person at his upcoming reception and you are always welcomed to title his work online. #TitleMe

    Exhibition produced by Phantom Galleries guest curator Vivian Giourousis.

  • Works San Jose – 365 South Market St. map

    Artwork: acrylic on canvas by Erika Gomez Henao

    40th Anniversary Benefit Art Auction

    In its 40th Anniversary Auction, Works presents an amazing array of past, present, and even future area artists. Build your art collection by supporting your community art center in the South Bay’s most eclectic and accessible art auction! With more than 100 local works of art, the Benefit Auction is a survey of great local artists, a gathering of great friends, and a celebration of South Bay art! The exhibition continues to Auction night on Saturday, December 2. Support Works by bringing some home with you!

  • Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St. map

    Downstairs Gallery: “Everyday Familiarity” by Tiffany Que-Smith

    We walk around our environment with an intention of “getting things done” and often times, we may miss the details all around us. For this exhibit, I want to take a minute and pay attention to these details. For instance, let’s take water hydrants and flow regulators that offer a sense of safety and security. Do we just walk by them without valuing their design , purpose , and structural flaws/ When viewed from different angles, the object may appear alive and offer a different perspective. Maybe, if we look at our environment and the people in our lives at different angles, we may find beauty in their flaws and a profound appreciation of their history .

    Tiffany has a genuine curiosity in people and their environment. She’s the friend who will stay up all night getting to know you, just out of pure interest and empathy. To her, it’s important to understand how environmental contexts influence people’s thoughts and actions. She’s interested in how people perceive their world and how that perception may persuade their everyday judgement and their outlook of life. She finds solace in sharing how she perceives life in her own environment and hopes to offer a different perspective while also bringing attention to details that are habitually left unnoticed .

    Tiffany earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art/Studio Practice, a Minor in Biology and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University. With background in creative arts and natural sciences, Tiffany is able to draw from various scientific influences and express them in different artistic mediums. Tiffany is half Chinese/ Irish and spent much of her childhood in Cebu City, Philippines prior to moving to the Bay Area at the age of 9. She currently works in the rehabilitation department at a local skilled nursing facility as an occupational therapist and loves every minute of it!

    Currently, her preferred medium is oil on canvas. Her inspiration is a combination of abstract realism, impressionism, anthropomorphism and a tinge of chiaroscuro. Her recent artwork aims to reveal the details often overlooked and bring them to life .

    Upstairs Gallery: “Kinship” by Elba Raquel Martinez
    All humans are all born to the same nest, that nest being our Mother Earth. The shell of our nationality comes in many different colors and patterns but it’s only skin deep. Inside all our shells are interwoven, yarn-like strands of DNA that connect us more than they divide us. As brothers and sister of this nest, we must love one another and care for our Mother.

    Elba Raquel was born and raised in San Jose. She graduated in 2005 from Evergreen Valley College with an AS in Design. Immediately following she moved to “The City” to study at the San Francisco Academy of Art University where she graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Illustration. Currently she runs the art department at Latino College Preparatory Academy and is pursuing her Master’s in Art Education at Santa Clara University. She is an active free lance illustrator and exhibiting artist in San Jose. As a 2-D and 3-D artist, Elba Raquel blends both realms in a playful manner. Her Mexican cultural influence reflects in her pieces through rhythm and color into what can be described as “fantastic realism.”

    First Fridays is Caffe Frascati Opera Night presented by First Street Singers, with the Bay Area’s finest opera singers performing your very favorite classical arias and duets live in the cafe! for the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk.

  • Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St. map

    “Portraits of a Traveling Yogi” by Nadia Nasiri

    Downtown Yoga Shala is proud to present featured artist Nadia Nasiri, a promising young self-taught photographer and avid yoga practitioner.This exhibit focuses on yoga self portraits taken with a tripod as Nadia highlights her favorite travel adventures over the last decade. Known to take her yoga “off the mat,” this series will also include various nature inspired artwork and photographs. Nadia’s intention with sharing her art is to inspire others to cultivate an appreciation for the natural world around us and invoke an interest in yoga and travel. Join us for South First Friday Art Walk to meet the artist as she raises funds for her next trip! All artwork is DONATION based so give what you can!

    Drawings by Jennifer Mazzucco

    Jennifer Mazzucco, a NJ native, is a devotional artist who deeply respects and is inspired by the cultural arts of India and Tibet. Early in her career as an illustrator Jennifer’s main passion was the marriage of image and the written word. During this time she also spent her time running her own community art space and worked with non-profit centers. She became an adjunct art professor and earned a masters degree of education, finding teaching to be her 2nd calling in life. After 9 years of facilitating middle school children to follow their creative hearts, showing her work in galleries and multiple trips to India, she made her way out west. Jennifer is now nestled amongst the redwoods near the coast of Northern CA where she has transformed a former kindergarten classroom into a home/studio called PRASADA. There, she hosts community art experiences, kirtan, meditation and creates large canvas personalized mandalas on a commission basis for beautiful souls. For Jennifer, creativity continues serve as a conduit to healing, mindful meditation and a beautiful way to connect with the divinity within.

  • Forager Tasting Room & Eatery – 420 So. First St. map

    “Fall, In Love” paintings by Lola x Kenneth

    I’m Kenneth, and this is my grandma, Crescenciana (“Lola” in Tagalog). I moved home to help care for her, and we started painting together. My grandma made the paintings. I promise to finish everything she started.

    Fall has arrived and love is in the air. For your enjoyment, we’ve put together a collection of pieces depicting critters in relationships doing all the things we do for and because of love.

  • Social Policy – 200 South First St. map


    Artists: Adrian Godoy, Benny O’Hara, Feo Berumen, Jazz Fuller, Paco Excel

    We currently reside in a time of perpetual extremism and uncertainty, whether it be religion, nationalism, weather, intolerance, entertainment (fake news, social media, etc.), and the exploitation of just about everything under the sun, such as nature and its resources.

    The idea behind this exhibition is to open ones eyes to the reality of the situations humanity faces, no matter how terrible or disgusting the truth can be we must recognize it for what it truly is to rise above and move forward. Adrian Godoy, Paco Excel, Benny O’Hara, Jazz Fuller, and Feo Berumen collaborate with diverse styles but share common symbology and themes in creating dark narrative political paintings, illustrations, and prints.

  • SoFA Market – 387 So. First St. map

    Art by Joseph Arruda

  • Studio Climbing Gym – 396 South First St. map

    Wildlife and nature photography by Ansate Jones

    Just as ethologist Jakob von Uexkull theorized the existence of Umwelten, or ‘self-centered worlds’, for each living being, my work revolves primarily around the concept of nature and how we relate to it. I like to incorporate a bit of life into my photographs and illustrations to showcase this sort of interaction as well as to emphasize the delightful oddities that can occur in everyday life. There’s something about visually capturing a moment that fascinates me; everything we create forms a record not only of where we are in our internal processes but also how we’re influenced by the world around us.

  • TechShop San Jose – 38 South Second St. map

    (H)afrocentric Comics by Juliana “Jewels” Smith

    Smith will showcase comic strips from her series, (H)afrocentric. The exhibit will also feature an interactive comic strip made with tools and instruction from TechShop San Jose.


  • Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 So. Market St. map

    ”Dino-Rhyton,” hybrid animal head & ceremonial drinking vessel by Joey Agcopra

    On view: 100 Cups of Summer” featuring Joey Agcopra & studio participating artists

    Come on in and let our potters rock your world with unique, one-of-a-kind drinking & pouring vessels. Featured artist, Joey Agcopra, created 100 cups in 100 days this summer, and we are thrilled to show them to you! We also will display the latest works by studio members… Browse mugs, teabowls, tumblers, coffee pour-overs, teapots, and pitchers… all made for drinking in the love…or beverage of your choice! Drop by for a look at lips, rims, feet, and lovely handles – perhaps you will fall in love with a new favorite.

  • MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St. map

    In the DMC Studio: Monthly Showcase 5:30-7pm
    Join the DMCStudio youth for their monthly slam poetry, live music, and photography showcase! Must be ages 13-21 to perform in the Open Mic. Sign up list opens at 5:30 pm; open Mic/Poetry Slam from 6–7pm. Each performer will be allowed to perform 2-3 pieces OR a 5 minute set.

    Michelle Murillo, Across Skies/A Través de Los Cielos, 2017

    In the Visual Arts Gallery: “Temperature Check | Body of Evidence”

    Latino artists explore the artifacts and patterns of climate change through installation, drawing, video and photography.
    Artists: Carolina Caycedo, Xavier Cortada, Alejandro Duran, Ana Maria Guerra, Michelle Murillo.

    In the Castellano Playhouse Theater: LoCura 8–10pm

    LoCura taps into the diverse sounds that have a rich history in the Bay Area, weaving them together in an uncanny way to reveal their common roots. Mixing Rumba Flamenca with Reggae and Cumbia with Ska, through contagious rhythms and multiple languages. Take a ride with their music through a day in the emerging globalized experience where the movement of people and ideas are in constant flux on Friday night at 8pm!

  • Phantom Galleries at Pho69 – 321 South First St. map

    “Aftermath…” by Jonn Logan

    Best known for his abstract, urban style, Logan is prone toward outrageous colors and things that pop off the canvass. His use of acrylics and metallic based paints with a thematic scheme, blend effortlessly. For over two decades, he painted in alleys, abandoned buildings, forsaken warehouses in an effort to keep private his expectations of himself. Upon completion he would simply walk away, destroy or abandon his pieces where they lay. Major transitions in life and a push from close friends has brought his art into the open for the first time in 2017.

    Exhibition produced by Phantom Galleries guest curator Robert Ragazza.